Proceeds Pledged to a Good Cause if HQ Wins Wix’s SEO Hero Contest

Search Engine Optimization is about professional representation through a well thought out digital presentation to the world that represents businesses, institutions, charities, and celebrities. This privilege has been an honor to the SEO Hero development team since 2005. With the wonderful connections and amazing prosperities we have experienced since our team’s origination, we feel this only proves we are an elite SEO & SEM Firm.

This does not address the other element of the Wix Challenge, Hero. The SEO Hero HQ development team debated on what should be done with the prize money proceeds if we win the Wix SEO Hero Challenge. Does the company need a new Maserati? Kind of, but not as much as our local food banks need food for the hungry and certainly not more than making the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses come true.

If SEO Hero HQ wins the Wix SEO Hero Challenge, 33% of proceeds will be donated to charities—50% to local food banks in our State and the other 50% will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Very Truly Yours,

SEO Hero HQ –

Wix’s Challenge has taught SEO HQ what it means to be a Hero!

Who’s Winning Wix’s SEO Hero Contest?

3.30 – Ordo Ab Chao ⚡ SEO World Champion

3/30/17 – CEO at Mrkt360 Inc. and designated SEO Hero Judge, Eran Hurvitz―officially announces the white hat world champion of the WIX SEO Hero contest! The contest ended up being the ole typical, who’s got the biggest pee-pee… The contest was, “a complete pissing contest,” SEO Hero from Ø.

Nevertheless… We came in 4th worldwide and #1 in the USA!

The 4th SEO Hero might forget the ALT text!

HQ now computes SEO Hero Competitors Rankings

January 15th, 2016 – The Official SEO Hero HQ Heroes Competitors Rankings added to our blog yesterday. The SEO Heroes competitors ranking blog includes a top ten heroes section and highlights fifty top heroes websites entered in the Wix Contest.

SEO Hero HQ's Official SEO Heroes Competitive Rankings Blog! Are you a Top Ranked Hero?
SEO Hero HQ’s Official SEO Heroes Competitive Rankings Blog! Are you a Top Ranked Hero?

Wix plays their home-field advantage for seo hero

December 26th, 2016 – Ahrefs ranks #98 out of 1 million websites worldwide. Right now, is in the top 100 websites online with over 819,269 domains linking to their website 114,205,473 times. Recent incognito searches for seo hero yielded 3 of the top organic positions going to:


Wix’s ratings are amongst what SEO Hero HQ would call, “the untouchables.” With the website’s superhero SERP status and powerful domain/trust authority, a link from Wix’s blog is a bid deal! Especially in the eyes of the search engines and when it comes to “SEO Hero,” the other most referenced word by SERP is “Wix.”

December 22nd, Wix released a fully optimised blog article about their seo hero challenge submission website, The article features 8 Amazing backlinks with all the right anchor terms including:

  • SEO Hero
  • The SEO Hero School
  • 2nd mention of SEO hero (this time “hero” is not capitalized)
  • SEO Villains? Anyone?
  • course list
  • SEO Hero Blog
  • helpful posts
  • 3rd mention of SEO Hero (this time bolded in a h3 title tag)

Needless to say, this should give the school for gifted optimizers a great boost in search rankings for the seo hero contest. In fact, the SEO school’s Ahrefs rank metric improved by 58 million and some change today (see Fig. 1-schooled-all). When it comes to PageRank manipulation, is utilizing optimized anchor text links within press releases, or other sites against Google Guidelines?

Grey area for sure, but Google says yes if a webpage was created for this sole purpose, but is that what Wix did? We’re no JUDGE SEO HERO, however, our opinion is Wix was adhering to Google Guidelines and has every right to create educational/related content on their own blog. Yes, it’s all legit.

Are 8 optimized text links too much for a single webpage? Are the powers of Wix too powerful for SEO Hero HQ? Will Professor F overpower all other SEO heroes with their authority blog Kryptonite? Continue reading on HQ’s WixiLeaks Forum!

Fig. 1-schooled-allOverview of on Ahref's Site Explorer, increasing by over 58 million in Ahref's Ranking today, December 26th, 2017!Overview of on Ahref’s Site Explorer. Seo Hero School increasing by over 58 million in Ahref’s Ranking metrics today, December 26th, 2017!

A month has now passed since the onset of Wix’s SEO Hero Challenge. Who’s winning the contest? Clearly and unequivocally, nobody yet! Unless you consider page ten search results superstar SEO, it seems Ole’ Googly Eyes does not pay much attention to newly submitted websites no matter if your seasoned & published SEO bloggers, elite SEM firms, or even SEO wizards’ websites like Rand Fishkin’s SEO Hero School for Gifted Optimizers (see Wizard Fig 1a). Cool site, we dig it!

Google where art thou?

Google is where it has always been and will always be—on the front lines of nearly every person’s Internet searches. Google frequently updates their search algorithm to make their displayed results safer and more accurate for the searcher. However, the search engine has always stayed true to their founding fundamentals.

Currently, if you search “SEO Hero” in incognito mode you will not see any eligible SEO Hero contest websites until about 100th place. For the first 3 weeks of the Wix Challenge there were a couple of newly created Hero sites that even made the top 5 organic listings.

Now that Google has caught on that the keyword “SEO Hero” has more value than it did a month ago, the bar has been obviously raised. But.. We are only talking about a keyword that generates an insignificant 200 monthly searches! It really doesn’t get weaker than that; it’s almost like the English language just discovered the word “seo hero.”

It seems some of the leading contestants cracked up a little over the recent SERP shuffle. Be an SEO Hero’s blog recently posted about their recent displacement from Googles top 10 positions.

The author recently blogged about how they lost their top position and how the first dozen pages of results are being swarmed with social network profiles, social network fan pages, and even a well ranked GoDaddy parked page with the only content about SEO Hero being the title. The blog even went as far as Chicken Little.

Yes, Chicken Little (see Chicken Beans Fig 1ahB). As in “the sky is falling!” Or, rather; they exclaimed, “Google doesn’t care about your content or on-page SEO!” Holy *%#t Batman—Get a grip! Beans even went as far as listing their spectacular SEO Hero contributions within the “5 weeks in” phase of the challenge.

Bean goes on to say, “I have daily rankings, news, contest updates, competitors and their strategy, useful research, and even information on different ways people are cheating.” Well, we have a Hulk! Please allow SEO Hero HQ to clarify a few claims made on be an seo hero’s blog.

We Have a Hulk

SEO Hero HQ expected SERP shuffles and hierarchy changes as soon as we began developing SEO Hero HQ. In the past not all of our client’s web projects have been aged authority domains that bang out gold to the SERPs 3 minutes after the writer clicks send. Although, admittedly we have our fair share of those too. Allow me start at the beginning…

Back in November I was reading a subreddit about SEO and became privy to the Wix contest. I browsed over the condensed version of the Wix rules (see SEO Hero Condensed Wix Rules Fig. 1b) and initiated a plan to completely dominate the online branding presence of “SEO Hero.”

Is Domain Age a Ranking Factor?

This is where beans and HQ butt heads. Be an seo hero blog questioned if domain age is a ranking factor and if domain age was influencing the search results, “Is it domain age?” and claimed that, “Google says they don’t take that into account.” Not sure why the blog author came to this conclusion. Au contraire mon frère!

Domain age is a common sense ranking factor Google has in place to protect searchers. Due to our awareness of this 4-6 month Google sandbox period of sorts and because SEO Hero’s HQ (SHHQ) first inclination to compete in the SEO Hero challenge was derived from the “condensed Wix Challenge Rules,” we mistakenly began development of a pre-existing domain that we knew would rank well before we even began building content. Clearly not stated in the condensed wix rules is information regarding utilizing aged domains for the contest.

With several hours of research, we found a domain that “just went away” a few years back and didn’t have a terrible link profile. The top level domain even had the competition’s keywords in the url structure. Currently, there are less than 300 words and barely any targeted use of the keyword “seo hero” on the live domain. Only a cool, mostly visual interconnected theme that illuminates to the viewer the existence of alternate realities.

Without any further efforts, the themed domain currently fluctuates between page 2 or 3 consistently utilizing incognito Google searches for the term “seo hero.” To further our point, what does the Bossman have to say about domain age? “The difference between a domain that is 6 months old and a domain that is 1 year old really is not that much. So, as long as you’ve been around for at least a couple of months, a few months, you should be able to make sure you are able to show up in the search results.”

The Bossman Matt Cutts on Domain Age & Authority

And… This is where the SEO Hero HQ team whole wholeheartedly agrees with Be an SEO Hero. In a way beans right. Google doesn’t pay much attention to brand new sites with zero history, even if the content of the new sites far exceeds the perceived value of all the one liner sites with thin content that currently dominate the keyword’s top results.

In our experience it takes roughly 4 months to efficiently compete for keywords that hold moderate value. For major search terms, exempli gratia, search terms that have at least 100,000 monthly searches, a 1 year waiting list to reach prime search visibility is possible.

SEO Hero HQ has nearly 45,000 words written to date of unique seo hero content. Since our developers began our HQ mission almost a month ago, we have averaged nearly 20 hours daily of SEO Hero virtual building. Beans right, it’s a little disheartening to clearly have more valuable content than the current droves of ranking authority fanpages that have been spammed to oblivion with low quality and deceptive backlinks that are driving them to the top of Googles SEO Hero search results.

The social network fanpage authority sites are soaking up thousands of low quality backlinks like a sponge. These backlinks are the exact kind of backlinks that would quickly trigger a new domain to be penalized by Professor Wix’s Waddle of Penguins! This too shall pass. We should start to see seo hero rankings get a little more interesting in just a few more weeks!

Wizard Fig 1a

SEO Hero Condensed Wix Rules Fig. 1b Wix SEO is the best now’s your chance to win $50000 FAQs

Chicken Beans Fig 1ahB

Come on bro, I’ve got Tiger Blood! & Good Luck—More to come!

Search Engine Optimization for Heroes: it’s not a Game!

SEO success is rooted in relationships and communication between complex structures of websites and you the viewer interacting within these systems. Also, “words” are equally important. Words matter, they are the “Solomon’s key” to unlocking your presentations to the World Wide Web. Key word meanings and correlations matter.

In fact, to prove this point, Google values some words synonymously. For instance, SEO & Search Engine Optimization are traded in the search algorithm as equals. In other words, both word versions will be highlighted within the search results.

Solomon’s Key to unlocking SEOs full keyword potential! Choose your words wisely!

SEO is Web Design & always a work in progress

A website should serve up an honest and direct representation of the providers functional purpose, message, action, or statement. The website’s purpose should be of benefit to the viewer and never misleading with navigational masking, popups, or false redirects.

To embody this WhiteHat approach, proper meta tags should be applied to each webpage that clearly describes the intent of the website’s page contents to the viewer. Meta tags should follow Google webmaster’s best practices and be of proper indexing length and character style.

You can use this tool to check proper meta description and title length. Fundamentally, The most important meta tags to include within the “head” section of a website are the following:

  • title tag
  • meta description
How important is meta data to Google?

One of the clearest explanations for providing correct meta data information to search engine spiders is from Google’s own Matt Cutts. SEO Superhero, Matt Cutts discusses the relationship between a website’s meta data code, and the abilities, or limitations for search engines to understand this meta data code.

Matt Cutts explains the importance and essentials of a website’s meta data.

This is where out of the box WordPress falls short of seo hero glory. WP is a CMS, or content management system. Although the new twenty-seventeen theme is an improvement upon earlier versions, there is still not a standard option to individualize each page and post meta tag data. At least not right out of the box.

The SEO Hero team prefers a light load on our site’s database. Too many plugins to correct the “global” downfalls of WP can hinder page speed efforts, and page speed is a major search ranking factor. This is where coding knowledge is of benefit in the age of drag and drop.

Keep Meta Data Updated

As a website’s design contents and structure evolve, so should the website’s meta data. If a website’s contents change from it’s original meta data, the misinformation can throw off a visitor and diminish click though rate (CTR).

Structured data, content, page layout & HTML header tags

Organizing your website’s contents so that the data is readily searchable, visible, and easily accessible by search engine functions are indispensable components to any successful website. One of the ways this can be implemented on a website is by using JSON, or javascript object notation.

JSON is particularly important when publishing content across many websites and social networks. JSON is a lightweight data interchanging format utilized by search engine algorithms. JSON data interchange provides an authorship map for search engines to credit the original sources of the presented data.

You can test exactly how your structured data appears to search engines by fetching your url from Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

Structured data patterns & Webmaster tools Data Highlighter

Jack Menzel, Google Product Management Director, explains the advantages and simplicity of utilizing Google’s Data Highlighter Tool

Google’s Data Highlighter is a newer way for webmasters to render structure data to Google spiders. An alternative to adding Microdata directly to HTML coding; Google’s Data Highlighter is a point and click tool that documents patterns of structured data on a webpage.

Communicating with Google utilizing the Data Highlighter tool is an advancement over traditional Microdata HTML markup methods because structured data and snippets are directly interjected to Google spiders without modifications of HTML coding.

Unique content does not only mean unique words!

It amazes the SEO HERO team to watch the progression of other contestants’ websites during these initial phases of the organic ranking challenge (12/18/2016). The Wix contest is a unique opportunity to watch the true evolution of a website’s ranking and what factors influenced the search engine algorithms to derive these ranking decisions.

SEO Hero HQ developers wanted to illuminate a contemporary WP build that includes customized HTML5 header videos with navigation (a href=) overlays actualized by Red Hot.

Red Hot’s video headers and webpage media content created for SEO Hero HQ includes a rich markup derived from text, images, and HTML5 video. Infusing interactive images and video content on a webpage improves the pages CTR, or click through rate. CTR is a well documented Google search algorithm ranking factor that closely correlates with a websites placement in the search engine result pages, A.K.A. SERPs.

SEO Hero Whitehat Natural Link Building

SEO Hero’s fully developed websites are considered presentable to the public when generous media and written content has reached the final editing and testing stages—the consensus is still out on how many words a webpage should present for SEO ambitions; the norm for a well ranking “top 5 organic position webpage” in Google ranges from 1200 to 2000 word counts.

The SEO Hero webpage you are viewing, “Search Engine Optimization for Heroes: it’s not a Game,” contains an impressive one-thousand-three-hundred-forty-six words! Per contra, there are some exceptions documented by our SEO Hero build team. We have several clients that rank in top 5 organic positions and the webpage has less than a 500 word count.

However, the webpages ranking with less than 500 word counts are accentuated with interactive, simplistic, and to the point media presentations that entail increased viewer engagement, heightened branding awareness, and audience loyalty (the old school sector of the SEO Hero development team likes to call this sticky content).

Once a SEO Hero built website reaches the final stages of development and the website’s contents draw close to containing beneficial, informative, and presentable web content, we let the WhiteHat natural backlink building campaign commence!

SEO Heroes build backlinks worthy of the Justice League!

What are Natural Backlinks?

Natural backlinks are considered earned links, not links that can be purchased or generated by self. Natural backlinks are typically accepted as the most valuable players when it come to ranking consideration.

Not all backlinks are considered equals. In fact, the amount of “link Juice” equity that is passed on to the recipient domain is superior the higher the domain authority and trust flow metrics that are from the external linking domain.

Building Ethical Self-Generated Backlinks

Building ethical backlinks is a way of life for any respectable SEM/SEO firm. Backlink building is often where WhiteHat & BlackHat Worlds collide. Just like most things in life, good always triumphs evil and backlink building is absolutely no exception.

  • Web 2.0 microsites: Do not over do it and create hundreds of Web 2.0 sites; do not be repetitive across differing Web 2.0 sites, and always present beneficial and unique content to your audience.
  • Self Generated Forum Profiles & Signatures: Don’t use this linking method unless there is a related and purposeful reason to link from the source website.
  • Social Network Sharing & Fan Page Creations: The dominating social media networks of today host powerful cross-platform sharing networks that are beneficial for generating website traffic and elevated company branding awareness. Most links pointing back from social network sites are appropriately marked as “nofollow” as a countermeasure for spammers and to avoid spilling link juice.
  • Competitive SEM & SEO utilizing Ahrefs, MOZ, and Majestic Metrics

    Our SEO Hero team utilizes state of the art competitive metric analysis tools from Ahrefs, MOZ, and Majestic. There are other notable link intelligent tools the SEO Hero team appropriates occasionally such as SEMrush competitive intelligence suite and Kissmetrics person based analytics.

    Link metric tools unmask opportunities for webmasters to build quality backlinks that are related to competing sites. All the SEO Hero Team has to say about this is…

    SEO Hero is the SEM & SEO ALL Seeing Eye!
    Sit back and relax because SEO Hero is the SEM & SEO ALL Seeing Eye!

    Official Battle Tested Services ⚡ SEO Hero HQ:
    Search Engine Optimization | Website Design | Web Development

Social Networks & SEO Hero from zero

A decade ago social networks did not really exist except for a few ground level projects that pale in comparison to today’s social media network environment. There has been many debates about the importance of social signals from a SEO perspective. Social Networks are notorious for no follow links―except for a few choice do follow link possibilities within Google+ about pages & StumbleUpon stumbled page-et cetera.

HQ’s theory about social networks and SEO is, “life was much easier before these networks were a thing!” Fan Pages & social profiles are redundant and often spammed to oblivion with duplicate content that offers practically no additional information for the viewers that is not available on the originating brand domain.

Social Media Networks, if you can’t beat them―join them!