Come on Bro, I’ve Got Tiger Blood!

What's a Hero? Heroes that have the Eye of the Tiger!

Whats a Hero?

There are so many fictional heroes that artists and writers have dreamed up since the dawn on time that even the superhero HQ servers would not be able to contain all those superpowers! You’ve probably heard stories, or watched movies about legendary heroes such as Odysseus, Hercules, Thor, Luke Skywalker, Mother Teresa (; flash website:), Iron Man, Eminem, New England Patriot’s Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady, and Rocky.

SEO Hero HQ’s Favorite Heroes of All Time – Top Fives

Heroes always defeat their arch nemesis because good always triumphs evil (on t.v.) and heroes always behold the Eye of the Tiger! So many times it happens too fast, you trade your passion for glory—amazing lyrics by Survivor.

The song rings so true to our efforts here at the SEO Hero HQ. We recommend you keep an eye on SEO HQ and our path to glory! It’s about time someone finally decided to fuse SEO & Hero—Genius Wix! Heroes come in many forms and styles & Below are SEO Hero HQ’s top 5 heroes from varying genres!

Real Life Heroes

1. Tom Brady – The New England Patriots quarterback had anything but a strong beginning to his football career. Brady was nothing but a heroic bench warmer from high school until the year after being drafted for the New England Patriots. In 2001, the first string quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, was injured; giving Brady his chance. His rookie debut into his first football game as quarterback lead the patriots to a 11-5 record win.

Today, Brady has made millions of dollars, married supermodels, and lead the Patriots to win the Superbowl 4/6 times. Despite all of the great things Brady has accomplished in football, his true heroism lies in the work he does for kids with cancer. Brady has been known to send letters, signed jerseys, and even tickets to children in the hospital. He also works with the Make a Wish Foundation to bring children to Gillette stadium where they play football with their hero, Tom Brady.

2. Mother Teresa – Of Calcutta is known most for her humanitarian work, which in 1979, won her a Nobel Peace Prize. Mother Teresa came to the United States in 1971 and erected a “House of Charity” where the sick, hungry, tired, and poor were all welcome. She heroically left to Beirut, Lebanon in 1982, which was going through a religious civil war at the time, helping children in both the Eastern Christian and Western Muslim sections of the war torn county.

She returned to the United States in 1985 where she spoke at a United Nations convention and founded the “Gift of Love” a home that cared for those infected with HIV/AIDS. Mother Teresa passed away in 1997, (most likely why her flash site hasn’t been updated to HTML5) and was later declared a saint on September 4th, 2016.

3. Mahatma Gandhi – Is known for his non-violent ideals and peaceful opposition. In 1915 Gandhi became the leader of the Indian Nationalist Movement Campaign to oust the British from India. Gandhi organized hundreds of peaceful protests, calling off the ones where there was any word of violence or riots. Through persistence the British agreed to give India their freedom, however they decided to divide the country into two, creating Pakistan.

Gandhi believed that the Hindus and Muslims were capable of living together in harmony. He worked relentlessly to show that all can live in peace, holding prayers where Hindu, Muslim, and Christian prayers were read alike and holding hunger strikes. Sadly, Gandhi’s heroic fight for peace was ended in violence, when he was shot by a Hindu man opposed to Gandhi’s support of the Muslim religion.

4. Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger III – Entered into the United States Air Force Academy in 1969, where he was promptly put into the cadet glider program with a handful of others. In the USAF Academy he received the Outstanding cadet and Airman award as Top Flyer and “earned his wings” in 1975. Sullenberger held a Commercial Pilot’s Certificate in gliders, an Airline Transport Pilot’s Certificate for planes with multiple or single engines, and a Flight Instructor’s Certificate for airplanes with multiple and single engines, and gliders.

If a plane was in the air, he was the pilot you would want to be flying it. On January 15th, 2009 he piloted flight 1549 out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport heading for Charolette/Douglass International Airport in North Carolina when the plane encountered a flock of birds, clogging the engines rendering them powerless. Sullenberger weighed the odds of returning to LaGuardia, or trying to make it to New Jersey; both of which were not feasible. Thinking quickly, he landed the plane in the nearby Hudson river. Due to Sullenberger’s quick thinking and heroic actions, he avoided a catastrophic crash and saved the lives of 155 people aboard flight 1549.

5. Jerry Lewis – Is known for his films, comedy, and his heroic humanitarian work. Through Lewis’ lifetime he was known for his fundraising efforts for muscular dystrophy, and as the National Chairman and Spokesman for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). From 1952-1959 he acted as the host for the Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon, and later from 1966-2010 he hosted the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon.

Lewis’ efforts raised over 2.6 Billion dollars in donations for the MDA. In 2011, it was announced that Lewis was no longer going to host telethons and he had retired from the MDA. However to this day he still holds finding a cure for muscular dystrophy close to his heart, releasing this video for the MDA in early 2016.

Ancient Greek Mythological Heroes

1. Achilles – The protagonist in Homer’s Iliad. Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War who slayed the Trojan’s hero Hector.

2. Hercules – Originating from the Greek hero Heracles, the Roman hero was the son of Zeus and known for his superpower strength.

3. Odysseus – The Protagonist of Homer’s epics the Odyssey and the Iliad. Homer was the Greek King of Ithaca and most remembered for the ten year journey he and his men endured after the Trojan War.

4. Theseus – King of Athens, son of Poseidon, the Athenian hero is well known for slaying his arch nemesis the Minotaur.

5. Perseus – One of the greatest Greek heroes, Perseus is famous for beheading Medusa and saved Andromeda from Cetus.

Comic Book & The Big Screen Superheroes

1. Spider-Man – “My Spider-Sense is tingling.” Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee created the quirky superhero Peter Parker who’s alter ego is known as the Amazing Spider-Man & sometimes the Spectacular Spider-Man.

2. Wolverine – Is the mutant alter ego of Logan and among the fiercest X-Men superheroes. Wolverine has claws like the animal and can heal super fast with regenerative healing factors.

3. Batman – DC Comic’s Dark Knight fights crime in Gotham City with man made super weapons afforded by his alter ego, billionaire Bruce Wayne.

4. Deadpool – Marvel Comic’s Superhero was originally characterized supervillain in comic book releases of The New Mutants & X-Force. Years later Deadpool made his superhero debut in X-Men Origins. With the recent popularity of the X-Men film series, the superhero was featured in his own self-named box-office hit, Deadpool in 2016.

5. The Incredible Hulkcolor> – Another smash hit from creator Stan Lee & Marvel Comics, scientist Bruce Banner is unintentionally exposed to gamma radiation during his experiments. The radiation exposure mutated Banner and when physically or emotionally stressed he transforms into an uncontrollable Hulk.

Shakespearean & Classical Literature Heroes

1. Prince Hamlet of Denmark – Heroically avenged his father’s death by killing Claudius, his Uncle. Claudius had killed Hamlet’s father to gain control of the throne and rule Denmark. To add insult to injury, he also decided to marry Hamlet’s newly widowed mother. Hamlet took revenge for his father by stabbing Claudius and feeding him the poison meant for his own cup.

2. The Three Witches from Macbeth – These ladies, although creepy, heroically told their prophecies. If Macbeth had found the witches whom predicted such dreadful things, he would have murdered them, much as he did with most of the other characters.

3. Sherlock Holmes – Using his wit, detective Sherlock Holmes solved many mysteries along side his partner Doctor Watson. Working with Scotland Yard and distressed clients, Holmes & Watson brought many scary criminals to justice and saved lives utilizing incredible deductive reasoning skills and forensic superscience. Anytime Sherlock and Doctor Watson were “on the case,” the duo would stop at nothing to solve the mysterious crimes that were being committed across London. Heroically, Sherlock and Watson risked their own lives countless times to bring their clients closure.

Interesting fact… Did you know that the widely accepted―original “detective” appearing in fictional literature is C. Auguste Dupin? Dupin is a fictional character created by Edgar Allen Poe, first appearing in “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” 1841. Many scholars agree that Poe’s character Dupin served as a prototype for many fictional detectives appearing in classical literature including Sherlock Holmes.

4. Sir Lancelot du Lac – Meaning Sir Lancelot of the Lake, Lancelot is a legendary Knight of the Round Table in King Arthur’s Court. The Knight was a close friend and protector of King Arthur the Court’s wizard, Merlin. King Arthur decrees Sir Lancelot to be his “very best knight” and a trusted friend, until Sir Lancelot confesses he is in love with Arthur’s Queen Guinevere. This creates a rift in their friendship contributing to the downfall of Arthur’s Kingdom.

Considered the Hero of Camelot, Sir Lancelot displays great nobility and skill as a knight in the Arthurian Legend rescuing Queen Guinevere twice and sacrificing himself―in place of King Arthur at the Isle of Blessed with noble intention to heal the tear in the veil between our world and the Spirit world. Sir Lancelot the most famous of all the legendary knights in classical literature―Lancelot is a true Hero!

5. Beowulf – A hero and main character in an Old English epic poem written around 700-800 C.E. Set in Scandinavia, Beowulf (“Hero of the Geats”) comes to the aid of Hrothgar (“King of the Danes”) who has been under attack by a monster known as Grendel. After Beowulf tears the arm off Grendel and he dies in the swamp, Grendel’s mother attacks out of revenge. Beowulf also slays her. Victorious, he returns home to Geatland and later becomes king of the Geats. Both then and now, society values the warrior/hero code.

Beowulf is an old tale with familiar motifs even for us today. Loyalty, courage, and strength, even today, are the hallmarks of heroes. Honest and just, Beowulf is a “man of action.” Those who live by the strict, but simple principles of the code become legend.

Made for TV Heroes

1. The Greatest American Hero – Hanley is the 2nd earliest superhero memory in SEO Hero’s memory that’s germane to heroes―the Incredible Hulk TV series being the first, followed by a close 3rd—the original Superman movies. The Greatest American Hero and his sidekick, FBI agent Bill Maxwell, encounter aliens in the desert where “Hanley” receives a suit that gives him superhuman powers. The teacher turned superhero loses the suit’s instructions and several comedic follies ensue.

2. Walter White, AKA Heisenberg – Walter White was the hero of the Breaking Bad series on AMC. The protagonist, Walter White, played by actor & Primetime Emmy winner, Bryan Cranston, was a loving father and husband diagnosed with terminal cancer―giving Walter only one year to live. Due to financial insecurity and driven by the desire to protect his family, Walter used his chemistry super skills to profit from the black market. The high school chemistry teacher—turned anonymous crime boss, Heisenberg delved into the dark side of Albuquerque and stirred up many terrifying and ultimately blood thirsty people.

Doing bad for good put not only Walter, but his family and friends at risk. Realizing this, Walter turned to his alter ego, Heisenberg, where he not only faced the danger, he became the danger. As Heisenberg became a respected/feared crime boss, he was unable destroy the good-natured bad guys. Like any hero would do to save a loved one, Walter made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life to protect those he loved.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Takin’ names and kicking vampire butt, Buffy heroically takes on the every day challenge of fighting the supernatural, all while dealing with the horrors of high school, and later college.

4. The Grinch – Grouchy, Cranky, not very tall, the Grinch’s heart was two sizes too small. Wrecking Christmas, that was the goal. But all of a sudden, his heart was not so cold. The Grinch came back and Christmas he saved, heroically presenting all the gifts that he gave.

5. Sam and Dean Winchester – The Winchester brothers, much like Buffy, fight the supernatural. They heroically battle demons, angels, shapeshifters, etc. Occasionally they die, but they always come back to fight the good fight.

Finally our SEO Heroes

1. Matt Cutts – SEO HQ has always looked up to Google’s former software Engineer, Matt Cutts. In the beginning… There was a disconnect between search engines and webmasters. Matt Cutts opened the communication flood gates and truly expressed what Google requires from websites to rank well and ways to improve upon ranking. Google provides the best quality search results machinely possible. Cutts had a primary role in their success by heading the search quality team.

Before Cutts revamped the term “web spam” regarding search results, the Internet was the wild, wild west. Any webmaster older than 25 will tell you that previous to the 2011 “Panda” Google Algorithm update, the most backlinks won, no matter how spammy, or quickly the backlinks were introduced to the www.

2. Dmitry Gerasimenko – Author and Co-creator of Ahrefs, the amazing keyword and backlink analysis tool has some of the best applications out of any SEO & SEM research tool. Track your competitors, discover new keywords, or improve upon a website’s visibility in the SERP by identifying opportunities for targeted link building strategies.

3. Rand Fishkin – Known as the Wizard of Moz, Fishkin authored the “Open Site Explorer” tools for link research and provides the heroic metrics Domain Authority & Page Authority, that has all but replaced Google’s retired Page Rank metric.

4. Majestic – Link intelligence tools provide super metrics that SEO Hero HQ utilizes from time to time. Majestic’s Trust flow and Citation flow are two champion metrics the world would be a darker place without.

5. SEO Hero from zero & Family – Your Avengers vs Wix’s Professor F! I want to wholeheartedly thank my family for putting up with my development efforts of SEO Hero over the past month. When I’m wired in, I’m not easy to be around and I’m not much help otherwise! I want you all to know my sincere love and you’re truly my heroes!

That’s what I’m talking about!