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    SEO Hero, I have been looking over your site again and it looks fabulous! the format is excellent so far and the page colors and videos are engaging and informative. the site loads lickitty-split and the videos of SEO Hero are engaging (hold interest)! The content is informative and brash--like that! Your dedication and tenacity for the "challenge"shows through your work! However, when I go to watch the 96 hours of SEO Hero From Zero video there is no play button and if it is to play when moused-over it only plays a little: maybe 2 seconds. same situation with the SEO Challenge Day One video and the SEO Hero From Zero gets social -- Day Two video. no play button and the video does not play very long. each of these videos will is at least 30 seconds long right? just wanted to inform you of this glitch! Hope it is not a big issue for you to resolve. Best of luck in the "SEO Hero Challenge" I will keep checking SEO Hero From Zero to provide you with feedback and suggestions. Thank You
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