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    Hey what the heck! Just took a look at your nemesis, the evil Overlord Professor F's website entry in the contest, do not want to give website address for fear of reprisal, and was shocked at the obvious similarity in themes. Like almost mirror images in concepts and layout. The difference is the obvious use, by Professor F, of Wixs' website building software and your use of WordPress software to construct your website. Both are impressive and show great knowledge and expertise in website design, concept, and interactivity. I especially love the good sense of humor and sportsmanship demonstrated by both teams in accepting what appears to be a Head-to-head competition between two very competent Webmasters. Love the excitement of this Challenge and intense dramatic competition and sportsmanship shown by all contestants! I will be keeping a close eye on both SEO Hero and his rival Professor F to see who triumphs in this intense battle for a "champion SEO Hero". Good Luck to All!
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