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    I love what you have for Quality Content on Lots of humor and great information and opinions. I don't see that on many other websites. Obviously, you are very gifted in your profession and spend a lot of your time researching to stay ahead of the competition....your readers are very thankful!

    Great Quality Content is mentioned in Google's Search Quality Rating Guidelines as equivalent to an acronym E.A.T. (Expertise, Authorative, and Trustworthy.) I bring this to your attention and the attention of your audience because I have witnessed many of the SEO Heros committing errors through misunderstanding these guidelines! I presume many SEO Heros interpret these terms to mean that just Quantity and Quality matter. I however would stress that what these terms mean to website developers and what they mean to and your readers is very different. It is my opinion as a member of “John Q. Public” that these terms should be interpreted to be just as they are Guidelines-Only because they are very subjective in meaning. One man's Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness is another man's Novice, Ignorance, and Dishonesty! I believe what readers and are looking for and trying to rank accurately is not just Quality and Quantity, but rather, most importantly is Honesty and Professionalism! E.A.T is only a small part of Honesty and Professionalism.

    Professionalism and Honesty are terms which are objective. They always mean the same no matter who you ask. Unfortunately, both honesty and professionalism vary in degrees to which they are adhered to, and thus, you get varying ranks of search based on perceived degrees of honesty and professionalism. In other words, unless Google has a scientific way of measuring E.A.T, then the rankings in search engines results are also subjective because ultimately Google team members have to make a judgment call about your E.A.T. according to what data is used to measure your sites honesty and professionalism and the readers/consumers/audience are no further ahead in accessing the true quality and value of a websites content.

    As consumers, we must educate ourselves to all that is out there and make our own best judgment based on the data we can obtain ourselves about a particular website’s content. The Best rule of thumb will always be to do your homework diligently when researching topics or subjects on the internet and to know that not all that is on the internet is accurate.

    What are your thoughts on quality content and the search engine rankings of websites? And whether there is true objectivity placed on the rankings of websites in Google or other search engines?

    Thanks, to all, for your attention to this matter!

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    Incredible! We are now past the half-way point in the duration of the Wix $50,000 SEO Hero 2016 Contest. Incredible! I was just looking over your site to see if I could detect any new innovations or just to watch your amazing progress! "SHAZAM!" "You must be working non-stop day and night!" "Over twenty pages of incredible content!" "Holy Publishing House Batman!" I am very impressed! The website has great flow and ease of use, very stylistic and imaginative in its' presentation, and outstanding, engaging content! I applaud you and stand in Awe of your accomplishment in such a short time, I mean to build such a massive and stimulating site. Congratulations! I saw lots of creative dynamic media content and the site never ends, always linking you somewhere... "I love that!" "You could get lost in there!"

    One suggestion is to incorporate a way to contact you or your team at the bottom of the webpages: search engine optimization, inbound marketing services, web design, web development, on the website footer links. Other than that I have no more suggestions but will return with them as I dream them up.


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      Quality content means fresh nad unpublished content.Content quality is defined by the audience.


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        100 percent right


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          I really agree with what you say Raidenvaughan.


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