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    Again, I have just been reviewing your progress on the build and update of your “Hero” site. I would just like to say I am very impressed and was pleasantly surprised to see that you will be donating the proceeds of the contest winnings, if you win the “Wix $50,000 Challenge”, to worthy charities. A very generous and compassionate gesture! Sincerely, Best of Luck in the contest!

    I see you have updated the SEO Hero HQ webpage today. Sensational new additions: Love the new video header with the links right at the top and the gigantic link for the forums just below-- eye-catching, very attractive, professional and useful navigation technique! Great Look for the video header! Also, love how you have incorporated the matrix theme of “Fight the Establishment” to incite and organize a resistance against team Wix’s Professor F and the penguins. Very imaginative and fresh! Great sense of humor, I am quite tickled with the theme and very impressed with the content of your site! I will keep coming back to investigate the new techniques you employ in updating the content and look of your site, as well, I find the updates inspirational and engaging—Lots of good ideas about fresh presentation of content and ease of use (navigation). Bravo!
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    Never cease to amaze! was looking over the "What's a Hero" page--"Amazing!", "Incredible", "Unbelievable".
    Beautiful content, bountiful eye-candy, engaging and funny at times, great combination of talent and skill went into the build of such a well designed page. My compliments to the webmaster! A true work of exceptional art! I know you must be at it non-stop, are you a machine or human? I believe I might just be echoing the words of Morpheus, "You are the One, SEO Hero HQ." phenomenal work!
    Again, great job adding an abundance of information and entertainment to the content making it interesting and quite stimulating--provocative, yet tasteful. And all completed in less than two days--amazing!


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