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is cambodia safe for travellers?

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  • is cambodia safe for travellers?

    Cambodia travel destination is just not a shopping center in Asia, however, it doesn’t mean that you are unable to buy handmade traditional items in Cambodia.

    In this article, we will give you a list of items to buy in Cambodia so that you are not to worry to think about planning your Cambodia package tour and bring some amazing things to come back home.
    1. Cambodian silk scarf

    Silk is one of the most famous souvenir products of Cambodian. Cambodia silk was once renowned throughout the world for its purity and soft feel. This keeps being handmade by Khmer’s traditional weaving method. There are a lot of products made by silk including scarf, cloth, dress, purse,... in vivid colors.
    Silk is great to bring home some “colors of Cambodia” and also light and easy to pack in your suitcase. Koh Dach is a small island 15km from Phnom Penh, a destination famous for handmade Cambodian silk. The price per product is quite reasonable about US$3. There would be a discount if you buy many of them.

    2. Textiles

    Cambodia is home to a unique collection of textiles, including cotton and other divine hand-woven items. The art of batik fabrics which people use special dyes method to pain colorful detail and fabric are considered as one of the most popular styles of Cambodian textiles.

    Many of these can be found in markets across the country, as well as a rising number of boutiques. Tourists can find handwoven textiles in many villages in rural area of Cambodia where batiks is much more one-of-a kind. You can also find for yourself a colorful textile in the Institute for Khmer traditional textile situated in Siem Reap.

    3. Cambodian krama
    The krama is the typical and ubiquitous locally worn chequered scarf. Uniquely Khmer; inexpensive, and immensely practical. Krama in Khmer language means scarf, this is a product of solely Khmer people. The sole Khmer headwear brings you a hundred ways of using: head tie, head wrap, belt, baby carrier or just simply a scarf around your neck.
    The checked fabric traditionally comes in red and white but many modern designs incorporate a rainbow of colours. This traditional Cambodian garment can be easily found and is of high quality. You may buy some at Siem Reap, the Angkor Night Market, as well as the Old Market (Psas Chas)

    4. Silverware

    In Cambodia, items made by silvers have started to be widely used in religious etiquette since 11th century. The normal working material is an alloy containing 70-80% of pure silver, and prices are based on a combination of weight and artistry, which puts bargaining skills to a good test. However, its unique designs based on Khmer patterns make silver jewellery tours in Cambodia stunning and truly representative of the country’s spirit.

    With Cambodia's tourism industry expanding, numerous silver shops have sprung up in Phnom Penh, selling carved decorative and practical items. Others stores are in village center such as Tul Mau, nearly 30km north of the city. Night market Siem Reap is the easiest place to buy silver in Cambodia. Silvers also have the advantage of light weight and small shape, easy for packing.

    5. Sculpture reproductions
    Cambodia has incredible reproductions and copies technique at very reasonable prices. The local craftsmen will use the mined stone that also used to construct the ancient temple to produce sculptures. With skillful hands these sculpture reproductions are even tricked some experts.
    These carvings are made only either of wood or stone (somehow gemstone) in a form of the head of Javaraman VII, head of Buddha, or Apsara in greeting manner. They are delicate copies of small statues, Buddha figures, heads and Apsaras, which are the best things conveying Khmer spirit the most. Moreover, the price of wood and stone carvings depend on definitely upon the sizes, color, type of original material, and its perfection.

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    Yes, off course it really very nice place.


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