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  • SEO Hero Forums is here to save the day!

    The vBulletin Forum software version 5.25 is a welcomed addition to SEO Hero from zero. The forum software requires database access in order to function much like other publishing platforms. SEO Hero from zero forums' database utilizes MySQLi extension. The MySQLi extension is a upgrade to the standard MySQL database and provides many more functions than the standard MySQL interface. SEO Hero from zero ran into a few bugs during install and had to adjust the standard php.ini file provided by our server. We adjusted the "max_execution_time" to 300, and the "memory_limit" to 512M to accommodate the rather large packet sizes and memory requirements of Vbulletin 7 WordPress.

    If you are creating your website on a standard hosting package without CPanel access, it may not be possible to install Vbulletin 5 Connect Adjustments that SEO Hero from zero made during the website build, including the forums & WP blog, would not be possible without accessing a database, FTP transer, and system file access/edit privileges.

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    The above advise help a lot for new learns, who can planed to create a forum account using vBulletin.


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