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    Will the real Superhero please step-up?

    Been surfing the web for information and to have a look at the competitor’s websites in the Wix $50,000 “SEO Hero” Challenge, And I noticed a trend: websites developed by professionals who have decided to donate all winnings awarded to them for participating in the Challenge to a reputable charity or charities. I am impressed with their generosity and find the commitment to supporting important causes admirable, to say the least. Contestant, beanseohero, will donate all winnings to “the fight” against cancer and trueseohero will donate all his winnings to improve the world. “Excellent!” If one of these guys wins and donates the winnings, they truly will be a superhero with real superpowers able to make a difference in the lives of others. Best of luck in the contest! Contestant, trueseohero, said he was donating the money for a personal reason: the search engine optimization profession sometimes lacks integrity and often suffers a negative reputation and he wants to draw some positive public attention and possibly also positive media attention to the industry. Bravo! We should all be so bold! He also said he felt the work was not always fulfilling or rewarding. “What have I actually done but make a lot of money for corporations?” How sad to be so unaware of the great purpose and value one contributes to the whole of humanity!

    Look around today and you will notice images of superheroes everywhere: from the box office, to lunchboxes, and posters on your child’s bedroom wall. These Superheroes are fictitious representations of who we wish we could be. I say, “Real superheroes do exist, here and now!” Superheroes are unassuming people whom you would never expect possess amazing and unheard of abilities, skills, and talents. They are all around us everyday using their superpowers to deliver and increase the “value” of our civilization and lives! Using their superpowers (vision of the future) they innovate and develop and sell new products and services to improve the way we live and how well we live.

    You ask “Who are these superheroes?” I answer “Business Owners”

    “ENTREPRENEURS”, the backbone of our worldwide economy, create economic growth. Economic growth provides opportunities (through job creation) and wealth (through values exchange). Entrepreneurs also police their own industry by weeding out the dishonest and corrupt businessmen thereby protecting the industry reputation and integrity as a whole. Utilizing the best and the brightest minds and talent they innovate new ideas and concepts creating new values worth fairly trading for other values to the rest of society.

    SEO Heroes act as a superhero’s attributes, hidden out of the limelight and used only when needed, like Batman’s utility belt or Superman’s hidden identity, providing what’s necessary for the hero to triumph over evil! The Search Engine Optimization Professional is critical to the success of the Entrepreneur in the age of digitalization, without the efforts of such experts growth would slow to a halt and the real heroes (businessmen) would be ineffective at battling corrupt entities.

    I love the hard work and dedication beanseohero and trueseohero have shown so far and I admire their commitment to the seo profession and I want to express what a great appreciation I have for their willingness to create a positive public image for seo heroes and the search engine optimization profession as a whole. A Great Big Shout of Support for all who choose to donate the proceeds of the contest to charity or charities! This is awesome work gentlemen, THANK YOU!

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