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    Hero: a person admired for achievements and noble qualities.

    I know this is not really the place for this but I cannot stop thinking I would like to nominate a hero of my own. I would like to nominate someone very close and special to me but has nothing to do with this contest: My Father.

    Beanseohero mentioned on his website for the Wix Challenge that he was donating the winnings to charity other contestants have pledge to donate their winnings also. If he wins, he will donate the prize money to cancer research—helping to find a cure. Very awesome! Good Going! He states he is donating the money to the Cancer Research Institute because he lost his father to cancer on April 1st 2015 and it sucked! My condolences.

    My father is still alive but elderly and probably not long for this world and I would like to express to all “He has always been and will always be, even in death, My HERO.”

    I admire my father for his achievements, of which there are to many to name, and for his noble character. Many times, I have wondered why he just did not go out to the store one day make a wrong turn and never look back but that day never came. He stayed, endured, and made things get better.

    I raise my glass in praise and love: To Dad, My All Time Hero

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      What do u mean by Hero?


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        I think is refers to the line of work in SEO.


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