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WordPress releases twenty seventeen with customizable video header

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  • WordPress releases twenty seventeen with customizable video header

    SEO Hero HQ just finished upgrading some of our client's websites to new twenty seventeen theme released by WordPress. The new theme includes appearance customization technology that embedds a HTML5, or YouTube video in the header section of the website without any coding knowledge. This is a great leap and bound from WordPress and bringing websites to life. However, the video header can only be utilized on the "front page." Hopefully the twenty eighteen theme features less global features, and allots capabilities to each webpage to exist as an unique entity with customizable meta data, and page architectural functions such as, a variety headers unique to each webpage.

    Although new to WordPress, video header technologies have been out for several years with implementation of HTML and Java coding. It is SEO Hero HQ's theory that these interactive headers improve Google ranking factors, such as click through rate (CTR) and bounce rate. With future advances from WP, inclusion of these independent qualities would hasten the need for plugins that run down server connectivity times and consume MySQL database resources. Any experienced WordPress CMS developer will tell you that, "there are only a few qualities of these plugins that are actually useful, and often unused portions, or orphaned plugin data slows down your website's bottom line, page speed."

    A "coding free," and customize appearance function that includes editable meta data and header data within each WP page, or post created may be in the works for the twenty eighteen theme release. This would save the SEO Hero HQ development team hours of work that goes into coding each page uniquely with accurate meta data and interactive video headers that tell the webpages story. This is a Hero website, not a pamphlet!

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    That really is very innovative. I agree that video header technology such as this is a leap forward and makes a high impact introduction for a website. Any chance we can contact WP to provide this feedback about including this technology for each individual webpage on a particular site in their next release of WordPress? Do they have a published contact e-mail? Do I understand correctly that you do not endorse the use of plugins for this video header technology? Love your closing to post, Laugh Out Loud.


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      Wordpress is a great site.


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        A few things have changed with the last few updates of the customizer. My favorite update in the most recent update (4.7 at the time of writing) is that there are clickable links next to all editable elements in the preview, that will take you where you need to go to edit that very element.
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          Great info


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            Wordpress is one of the best web 2.0 site that I like.


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              I agree with what you have said Jun Wordpress is indeed one of the best 2.0 site.

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                yes, Wordpress is very useful Blog creation.


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                  A very informative post!

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