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  • Unfair Contest?

    Forty-one days left until the first “SEO Hero” search from the New York location in the “Wix $50,000 SEO Hero Challenge” and not a lot of activity to report. The leader of the contest hasn’t changed and Wix is now using its’ buying power and business assets to their best advantage in the contest, as was to be expected since, it is their contest after all and a less than first place finish would be totally unacceptable, I should think. Others have put out the question “how far will Wix go to win the competition?”

    I would think they would go as far as is allowed in the rules, as long as, it doesn’t damage their reputation irreparably and is considered reasonable fair play. I don’t see anything objectionable with that so far as it is what I have been expecting from the start of this contest. I believe SEO Hero HQ knew exactly what they were doing when they entered this contest and that was committing themselves to a heroic challenge of their Search Engine Optimization Skills and Knowledge and to charitable causes. I feel more heroic even now and the contest is still on. Good Luck to all in the contest!

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    I think you must ask the organizer about the rules and regulations.


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