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  • Who's winning?

    Who's winning the contest? When I search "SEO Hero" I am only shown previously created websites, not the ones currently participating in the Wix SEO $50,000 Challenge. We need a contest update page from Keep me posted!

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    I did some further research and it seems I am now able to answer my own question. Contest information and current standing can be obtained by going to There you will find an updated, although unofficial, list of competitors. This site shows the current owner of beanseohero, as the first place contender so far, remember this is an unofficial list but it does seem to update daily!


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      thought I would add some info for the contest!

      Here is an updated list of the top ten "Challenge" contestant rankings:
      this list is not a complete list of contestants.

      Domain Ranking Eligibility? 4 OK? 16 questionalble? 21 questionable? 26 questionable? 70 72 86 97 102 106

      This list is unofficial and subject to further inquiry!
      It is provided only as a courtesy!

      Please look elsewhere for official results!


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