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What does Wix's Rule 14.8: interference of promotion of other Hero Websites mean?

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  • What does Wix's Rule 14.8: interference of promotion of other Hero Websites mean?

    According to the Official Wix Contest Rules, Section 14: your representations, warranties and indemnity: section 14.8 states, "You will not interfere in any way with the promotion of other Hero Websites that participate in the Contest (for the avoidance of doubt, reporting to the Moderator about non-compliance of other Hero Website shall not be deemed as interference)."

    We would assume interference means somehow blocking progress of other hero competitors, but we've learned to never assume. SEO Hero HQ checked out some of the SEO Hero results and came across a blog that was appearing in the top results; the hero blog interpreted Wix's Rule section 14.8 as meaning, something down the lines of, "you can not discuss other SEO Hero websites even if it is good, or bad." A little confusing as this interpretation would destroy about 90% of the Internet's purpose.

    If we can not use our special purpose, than it would be nearly impossible to connect the dots between all Seo Hero challenger's websites and make relationships between the ranking websites. A word of knowledge for ranking a "SEO Hero" website, "a Google ranking factor is related sites linking to each other." See, we can't win this alone (join forces with SEO Hero HQ)! All ranking SEO heroes must utilize the Internet's special purpose to survive!

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    I see this rule as meaning interference of a competitors participation in the contest, in other words, you cannot bully or discourage others or technically mess with their Hero-Site to try and discourage or disqualify them from participation in the "Challenge." Just a reminder there are only 10 days left to add a Google Analytics Account and Google Search Console to your Hero-Site and add as an administrator. Failure to comply to this rule will lead to disqualification without notification. So get to it! Good Luck and Survive!


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