Ghostbusters Heroes of New York City

The official Wix SEO Hero contest is going to be judged from a New York location—will this influence JUDGE SEO HERO’s Google incognito “SEO Hero” search results? Two of the leading hero’s contestant sites provide daily and live ranking updates. The ranking updates are compiled from differing intervals and from different countries all together.

A German SEO firm, seo-hero.org (www.search-one.de) has a ranking snippet that is updated every 5 minutes. SEO-Hero.org’s #Live Ranking Snippet filters out ineligible domains utilizing Whois, Internet Archive way back machine, and Whois Request Domain History Checker data. The German SEO firm also advanced the filter’s eligibility accuracy by programming the hero’s rankings table snippet to include checks for preexisting backlink history pulled from SEO metric tools such as Ahrefs. However, SEO Hero HQ does daily website ranking tests including Google incognito searches for the challenges prize keyword, and let me tell you, we get an entirely different ranking scenario than what’s being displayed live in Germany.

SEO Hero Live Rankings for the WiX SEO Hero Challenge from the German SEO’s seo-hero.org 1/05/2017

BeAnSeoHero.com provides daily SEO Hero ranking updates that are inputted manually and available on their website’s competitor ranking section. SEO Hero’s competitor rankings fluctuate several times a day and beanseo’s table may become more stably accurate as the competition progresses. BeAnSEO’s manual Wix contestant filtering information is a very useful resource that includes additional insight into current backlink strategies of the top seo heroes. Only a few states away down the Atlantic Ocean, this USA based SEO’s unofficial hero ranking table also differs from SEO Hero HQ’s keyword ranking tests!
SEO Hero Challenge by Wix News Rankings Analysis from BeAnSEOHero 1/05/2017

SEO Hero HQ is located in New England, USA and much closer to New York, and Canada than many of the other SEO Heroes. Will domain and webmaster locations influence JUDGE SEO HERO’s Incognito search results? Has anyone else noticed the majority of SEO Hero websites coming up in the SERPs are primarily based in the United States?
SEO Hero Google Search Top 3 Heroes out of Over 2.5 million search results 1-05-2017
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