SEO Heroes Competitors Google Ranks

Top 10 Ranking Competitors Domains for SEO Hero Search Results in Google.

3.30 – Ordo Ab Chao ⚡ SEO World Champion

3/30/17 – CEO at Mrkt360 Inc. and designated SEO Hero Judge, Eran Hurvitz―officially announces the white hat world champion of the WIX SEO Hero contest! The contest ended up being the ole typical, who’s got a bigger pee-pee… “A complete pissing contest,” SEO Hero from Ø.

Nevertheless… SEO Hero from Zero came in 4th worldwide and #1 in the USA!

The 4th SEO Hero might forget the ALT text!

Top 10 Historical Eligible SEO Hero Domains Ranked in Google Search

Unofficial, yet surprisingly accurate—Ranks last updated on 3/6/2017. The ranks for “seo hero” are searched from a desktop utilizing Google incognito mode and serving up results from a New York location similar to “JUDGE SEO Hero’s” official Wix contest search location.
4th –
5th –
6th –
7th –
8th –
9th –
#10 –

3/6/2017, 10:39 PM – Only 6 days until the SEO Hero 3 day “assessment phase” – A.K.A. the Judgement! Hello SEO friends, can you believe we are in the final stretch of the WIX SEO competition? Very familiar domains still remain in the top 10 ranks and HQ doesn’t anticipate any major SERP shuffles before the contest end date. In the final development stages, we have been super busy streamlining our domain’s architecture, security, and crawl budget.

Over the past few weeks, HQ has banned over 1200 IP’s countering multiple intrusion attempts that were aimed at slowing our site down for real users. To improve site performance, we built a content delivery network (CDN) that serves up most of HQ’s lightning fast digital media without compromising pagespeed factors.

2/7/2017, 4:22 AM – 34 days left, can you rank first? Incredible ranking changes are starting to occur―yet all competitors are still up against an invisible wall constructed embarrassingly somewhere between search result pages 6 and 8. Is Google privy to the contest and trying to make their algorithm appear more difficult than any of HQ’s previous experiences with much more difficult/competitive keywords?

Nothing positive is instant when it comes to SEO and increased hero rankings may be fruitions of work done weeks ago. However, issues diametrically opposing progress such as technical errors, penalties, and domain hacking attacks, all have a near instantaneous negative effect on ranking.

What are some successful SEO techniques in 2017?

Successful SEO methods in 2017 can most clearly be described as:

1. – On page content and technical development.
2. – Social network branding.
3. – Backlinks.
4. – Data security & software vulnerability evaluations/identifications/fixes

If any of the preceding list is lacking, the domains search visibility will remain less than stellar. For several weeks HQ held 2nd place in the hero ranks. Recently, we’ve had a tumble ranging from 4th place to invisible (beyond 5th place). This triggered an intense evaluation of our complete site workings. Admittedly, our backlinks are less potent than some competitors, but we have a strong social presence and our technical development is spot on.

Very strange fluctuations in all the SEO Heroes PageSpeed insights scores was an obvious sign of foul play. For several weeks HQ had a speed score ranging in the low 60’s for desktop. We improved our robots security directives and decreased CMS vulnerabilities based on error logs evaluation and identification of hacking attempts/attacks. After implementing several fixes, our PageSpeed insights score improved and ranges closer to 90/100 for desktop.

PageSpeed score is limited in determining domain issues with regards to hacking attempts. Examining Search Console crawl errors is better, but even that is delayed 3 days at a time. Server logs are best for identifying website errors and hacking attempts. Trust us when we say, “this contest is out of control!” That’s O.K. maybe the hackers did not realize they we’re making attempts against a Radiant Digital Security style team.

Who would unleash bots from hell on a domain that pretty much stays to themselves and respects all other Wix SEO competitors? Sorry to be so cryptic, but 2 things: Semalt hasn’t been in the news much recently and if you visit England’s countryside, don’t forget to visit the zoo and feed the tigers! Domain errors and hacking attempts are like footprints in the sand.

Domain Errors and Hacking Attempts Leave Footprints in the Sand.
Domain Errors and Hacking Attempts Leave Footprints.

2/4/2017, 3:10 PM – Only 37 exciting days left! HQ is charging ahead full-speed and we are constantly updating our game plan! A little shuffling of the top ten competitor rankings, but not much occurring with the ranks the last four days, 1/31 to 2/3. Still mostly the same competitors jostling around in the top ten. A newbie to the top 5 ranks, makes a power play for 2nd place with 31,600 backlinks lighting up their domain’s search visibility!

Upcoming Wix Contest Deadline: A friendly reminder to please add Google Analytics and Google Search Console Accounts to your hero website before February 16, 2017 and add as an administrator. Thanks to all challengers for the good sport and everyone have a spectacular weekend!

1/30/2017, 10:50 PM – Only 41 days left! Are you a SEO Hero yet? 80 contest days have passed and in just 10 days from now, only a month remains (in this seemingly never-ending challenge) to become champion of the SEO Hero contest. HQ is tying up some loose SEO ends, and battling forward full speed. Heroes HQ’s latest website vulnerability-exploit was discovered today involving the search function of HQ’s SEO Forums.

The vBulletin exploit targeted non-existent search terms that were being queried by the search function. This creates multiple “404 soft errors.” An occasional 404 error will not damage SEO efforts, but when a couple thousand 404 errors are created (artificial or not)—SEO efforts are undeniably diminished. Needless to say, the “search” function will remain disabled until the contest deadline is exhausted (just like our staff)! The #1 lesson learned from our other search engine marketing ventures is, “If you’re not catching flak you’re not over the target!”

1/27/2017, 10:03 PM – 44 days left and the WIX contest is getting messy! Not much of a change in the top 10 SEO Hero ranks over the last couple days, 1/25 & 1/26. With practically stagnant hero rankings and zero plays during this week, a new top 10 SEO hero,, rises into the top 3 Hero ranks—pushing back to 4th place and the True SEO Hero makes a serious play for HQ’s silver; appearing multiple times in 2nd place today.

Now for the messy part… We’ve worked hard on this website—probably harder than we’d like to admit! There has been a lot of SEO detail applied on page and off page. Gigabytes of content has been created just for our HQ fans. We didn’t have to be so flamboyant, but if HQ wins―we want to do so in style 😉 Trust me when I say, “we were beyond careful building any kind of backlink pointing to HQ’s SEO Hero from zero domain.” With the WIX contest relying heavily on Google™ Webmaster Guidelines, creating ANY self-created-backlink is practically against their guidelines and thus, the WIX contest rules.

With these guidelines in mind from the get–go, HQ is furious with backlinks that are showing up in our link research tools; links that have been created and are pointing to our domain. Granted, anyone, anywhere, anytime can create a backlink to any domain…What can be done to prevent this? Nothing! Sure, disavow toxic links to improve SEO, but this contest isn’t just about search engine optimization for increased search visibility. It’s about webmaster guidelines and technical SEO applied to stay within the guideline’s set rules.

Negative SEO? Well… Yes there certainly has been some of that, but the backlinks we are talking about are not from foreign low quality blog comment spam or from webpages with thousands of external links; the backlinks are well crafted, not obvious and may even help domain rank. Not necessarily helpful to white hat SEO efforts applied in a very technical contest. Will Judge SEO Hero consider contestant’s disavow file in his judgement? Will HQ hold on to their top 3 SEO Hero rank over the weekend? What does second place matter anyway? Because in this challenge, “If you ain’t first, you’re last!“—Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, 2006—Have a great weekend everyone!

1/24/2017, 8:49 PM – 48 days remain and the top 10 is still a squeaker! SEO Heroes HQ held on tightly to a valiant silver rank today while HQ’s nemesis, SEO Hero School, takes 9th and 10th place. Does the School for Gifted Optimizers have enough content to be considered for Google site links? Wix’s official entry,, & their blog,, are ranking close together in Google search positions #104 & #105 respectively.

1/23/2017, 7:11 PM – Only 49 days left to be the #1 SEO Hero! We had an exciting weekend for the top 5 ranked websites in the WIX contest! SEO Heroes HQ made a 2nd place debut trailing slightly behind the number one WIX contender, The contest is definitely heating up with & alternating in the top 3 ranks!

Over the weekend, some new SEO Heroes made first-time appearances in Google truncated “SEO Hero” search results pushing new entries in the top 10 search results including: & a France domain, Will the rankings stay consistent over the next couple of days? Will a new SEO Hero appear in the top 5 & surprise us all?

1/20/2017, 9:39 PM – 52 days remain in the WIX Seo Hero contest. Have a great weekend everyone! Will new heroes make their debuts in the top search results? Find out the latest updated SEO Hero rankings Monday, 1/23/2017!

1/19/2017, 11:43 PM – 53 days remain in the Hero contest. It’s been a surprise to see several foreign language websites coming up in the top SEO Hero results. HQ hasn’t encountered this before—The Wix SEO contest is setting some extraordinary benchmarks! The French language website,, is being served up on page 2 “SEO Hero” incognito/New York search results. If you’re in France, hire this SEO!

There is a lot of heat coming from the keyword “SEO Hero.” To put the search term in perspective, let’s have a look at similar terms that should be more difficult to rank: “Hero Video” & “Whos Winning.” Currently, HQ holds the 10th Google rank for Hero Video—pages ahead of,, and Right now, SEO Heroes HQ holds the 45th Google rank for Whos Winning (no apostrophe)―just above,,,, and

1/18/2017, 11:13 PM – Tonight, the Wix contest has only 54 days remaining. Not much movement today within the top 5 SEO Hero ranks. Positions 7 through 10 saw some action with’s website falling 1 position behind the site. Team Propelrr‘s (Philippines) takes’s (Germany) 10th ranked Google position. Has anyone compared desktop SEO Hero search results to mobile search results?

Mobile website compatibility has become an essential component to “on page” SEO applications—the majority of website audiences are now accessing the web utilizing mobile technologies. Several distinct WIX competitor ranking divergences arise when comparing mobile search results to desktop search results. Top 5 Google incognito mobile search results: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5

1/17/2017, 8:33 PM – 55 days left. Who will be the #1 SEO Hero? SEO Heroes HQ takes a hard fall from 3rd ranked to 4th place today among eligible Wix contest domains. HQ is now trailing Professor F’s school of PPC Penguins by a single rank! There is a clear and concise order of the Top Heroes surfacing on Google™ Page 7 “SEO Hero” search results. The next ranked heroes do not show a strong appearance until Page 10 results.

Glad to see Google search included SeoHero-Wix in their top search results! Their site is SEO Hero Awesomeness and lots of fun to navigate! Speaking of other heroes, it will be interesting to see if Hero Alliances come into play as the contest progresses. Let’s be real, top SEO Heroes have the power to yank weaker ranked heroes out of their ranking-coma & Superheroes can never have enough Sidekicks!

1/16/2017, 4:56 AM – With 56 days left in the Wix SEO contest—SEO Hero HQ takes a 3rd place Hero rank this morning! Let’s get real for a moment… When we started this competition, we really didn’t know what skill levels we would come up against. Only 2 months in, and we come up Bronze! This we do know, it wasn’t easy—other heroes have a really long road of raw code in front of them to join ranks of the top 10 Wix SEO Hero finalists!

Are you seeing a ranking pattern emerge with a strong correlation between quality/interactive/updated/dynamic content and the top heroes ranking in the contest? Is Google RankBrain finally starting to connect the dots? As this contest progresses, HQ is expecting an increase in competition difficulty―HQ is always ready to level up and take on the bosses!

1/15/2017, 3:03 AM – Only 57 days remain in the Wix SEO challenge! There were spectacular changes in Heroes SERP (search engine results pages) ranks today! Google shuffled “Be an SEO Hero” from a top 3 organic ranking position to page 9+ with the rest of the heroes. Seems like a Two-Face development for Google to rank a website as incredibly high as Be an SEO Hero’s site―only to plummet the site’s rankings by nearly 100 places.

SEO Hero HQ made some heroic appearances in Google search top 5 & top 6 SEO Hero organic search results today! The SEO Hero school for gifted optimizers took a commanding lead entering the top 4 organic positions earlier today, just behind SEO Hero News and Tech! Very interesting developments in HQ’s rankings with 2 listings appearing in the top 10 organic SEO Hero results. Is Heroes Headquarters inline for Google Sitelinks?

1/14/2017, 3 AM – 58 days remain in the Wix SEO Hero contest. Is your Hero website ranking in the top 50? The top 25 ranks? How about the top 10 organic results? Right now the true SEO Heroes are ranking in the top 5―just like real life! Below, as mentioned above in the SEO Hero ranking illustration, HQ finally has time to bring weekly SEO Heroes Competitors Rankings updates and news to the table. By no means are we claiming HQ is panjandrum, but we have recently made appearances in the top 10 SEO Hero Ranks!

Let HQ take you back to our future for a moment… We blogged about who’s winning Wix’s SEO contest back in December and at the time there wasn’t much shaping up in the contest yet; it was certainly impossible to call out a definitive Wix winner. However, Be an SEO Hero has maintained a dominating lead since the origination of the challenge. Our valiant effort, the SEO Hero HQ project, has been one of the most ambitious website builds that our development team has “taken a bite out of the World Wide Web” going on a while now.

SEO Heroes Ranking in the Top 10: Eligible & Ineligible SEO Hero Dedicated Domains

#1 Ranked SEO Hero: – The only source of daily updates on the Wix SEO Hero competition along with rules clarifications, competitor rankings, and in-depth analysis.

#2 Ranking SEO Hero: – A website created to win the WIX SEO challenge, register, create your own page and contribute. Wayback Machine saved in the web archive initially July 18th, 2015.

#3 SEO Organic Ranking Hero: – “Our digital marketing services are designed to provide SMB’s with a steady stream of inbound enquiries. Find out more about our contract-free service!” Wayback Machine saved in the web archive initially July 18th, 2015.

#4 Ranked SEO Hero: – No Meta description, but the first few lines indicate, “I have over 700 domains in my PBN (private blog network), and all domains are on different hosting, whois with different blog design, widgets etc.. Very powerful and work like a charm!” Wayback Machine saved in the web archive initially February 8th, 2016.

#5 SEO Hero Ranking: – What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely. Website moved: Seo Hero script is now hosted on a new domain name: Wayback Machine saved in the web archive initially August 19th, 2006.

#6 Ranked SEO Hero: – Are you a powerful SEO Hero? Take the Red Pill and Enter the Matrix to help SEO Hero defeat wicked Professor WIX and his waddle of Penguins! Wayback Machine saved in the web archive starting May 21st, 2013.

#7 Organic Ranking SEO Hero: – “Patrick Stox is a Technical SEO, Raleigh SEO Meetup Organizer, Author for Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and Search Engine Journal, Conference Speaker.” Patrick Stox created, a top competing SEO Hero website entered in the Wix contest. Whois Lookup indicates was created March 24th, 2010 – Registrar: Google Inc.

#8 Ranking SEO Hero: – What is SEO Hero Challenge Wix? SEO Hero Challenge Wix is a contest sponsored by, a website that has helped millions of people create and make their online presence more visible and prominent. The main objective of this contest is to provide an opportunity to all SEO masters to showcase their SEO skills by optimizing their website for the term – SEO Hero. Wayback Machine saved in the web archive starting July 12th, 2014.

#9 Ranked SEO Hero: – Need help with Search Engine Marketing? Call Marketing Heroes and let [them] help your website rank higher! Wayback Machine saved in the web archive way back in November 26th, 2005.

#10 Positioned SEO Hero: – SEO Contests Now Including SEO Hero. Find the latest SEO Hero Rankings when searching with from New York. Whois Lookup indicates was registered on June 20th, 2001.

SEO Heroes Ranked in the Top 25: Eligible & Ineligible SEO Hero Dedicated Domains

#11 SEO Hero: – is a renowned name that offers world class website building platforms to over 90 million users worldwide. The company has recently announced a contest which is called, ‘SEO Hero Challenge Wix’. Wayback Machine originally saved in the web archive January 22nd, 2009.

#12 SEO Hero Ranked: – SEO Hero is a method, which may help to use the methods, techniques and tools to improve the number of visitors to your site by increasing its ranking on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Wayback Machine originally archived, you guessed it―way-back in February 3rd, 2007.

#13 Ranking SEO Hero: – If you’ve been following the Google trend you will soon discover that every few months Google has a tendency to make rank algorithm changes that Smack You Hard! Wayback Machine archived 11 times between August 16th, 2013 and October 5th, 2016.

#14 Ranked Wix SEO Hero Competitor: – What SEO Hero does? SEO Hero is a free topic explorer software. Find concepts related to your topics or keywords and drive a strong content strategy for your website.

#15 SEO Hero Competitor Ranking: – SEO Hero features daily search engine industry news and search engine practitioners rating. The top rated, provides a list of the most important SEO requirements that must be followed in each optimized page on the site.

#16 SEO Hero Rank Goes to: – Online professionals all over the world are making a difference in making the SEO Hero project turned into cause possible.

#17 SEO Hero Ranking Competitor: – Participate in our SEO Hero Contest. Creating robust SEO solutions has been the hallmark of since inception of our business. With dozens of businesses that have benefited from our service, we know we have hit some commendable milestones. Built on SPIP CMS Owner OrgName: SEO Hackers.

#18 Ranking SEO Hero: – An SEO HERO’s primary responsibility is to provide the expertise needed to help businesses achieve their search engine goals. An SEO HERO is the single best resource a company can employ in the realization of these Search Engine Optimization ambitions.

#19 Google Ranked SEO Hero: – You’re looking at it, baby! SEO Hero & his trusty sidekick zero-Ø developed the SEO Heroes HQ for all SEO Hero challengers to unite against Professor Wix’s evil school of Penguins.

#20 SEO Hero Ranking: – Wix’s very own SEO Hero Contest Entry. The Internet is at risk of being trolled by SEO villains. Join forces with Professor F’s team of SEO Heroes to make the Internet a more accessible place.

#21 Ranked SEO Hero: – What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely.

#22 Ranking SEO Hero: – Do you know a SEO Hero ? Now yes, I’m challenging other SEO, It will not be easy, but we have 4th month to be in 1st page.

#23 SEO Hero Ranked: – How to be an SEO Hero? As the winner of the German SEO Contest 2015, I will share my experience and knowledge with all SEOs for the WiX SEO Challenge. We love SEO Challenges, Contests and Competitions like as the WiX SEO Hero.

#24 Ranked SEO Hero: – Free 1 Month SEO Trial from SEO HERO. No Contract Commitment, 100% White Hat Google Guidelines SEO, 100’s of Happy Clients. Contact SEO Hero Today.

#25 SEO Hero Ranking: – It only means that the dish does not have any taste without having salt inside, similarly, your web site does not have any value without SEO hero.

SEO Heroes Ranked in the Top 50: Eligible & Ineligible SEO Hero Dedicated Domains

#26 SEO Hero Ranking: – I’m a Wix Website Designer and your SEO Hero based in Denver, Colorado. Learn how you can become a SEO Hero for your website here. Finally someone with grammatical skills! It’s certainly not, “be an search engine optimization,” surely, the correct way is “a seo hero.”

#27 SEO Hero Ranked: – A true SEO Hero, or heroine, doesn’t only care about themselves, they care about others as well. Take a look at our heroes. Who would you like to add? Official Wix contest entry from Cyrus Shepard, SEO Consultant and Web Strategist – Above the Fold.

#28 Ranking SEO Hero: – SEO Hero can increase your website visits, customer leads, product sales and advertising revenue. I’m so certain I back it with my personal guarantee. Let me prove how I can be your SEO Hero!

#29 Ranked SEO Hero: – Attracting new clients by putting your business across the Internet: Google, Bing, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Waze and many others… Be an SEO Hero. What will your site use if it is not visited? Bob Anderson, founder of Seo Hero, is among the experts recognized in the profession.

#30 SEO Hero’s Domain: – Being an SEO Hero Wix is for Search Engine Optimization. Be found on Google, learn how to code properly. Love Analytics, Love the chalenge. Be a Hero, SEO. One of Headquarters favorite contestant sites and it’s a Wix built website!

#31 SEO Heroes Rank: – In our opinion, an SEO Hero is someone who saves the life of a business by drastically increasing their sales using search engine optimization.

#32 SEO Hero Ranking: – Solo SEO Hero is a blog that focuses on SEO advice, blogging and actionable techniques to become an SEO champion. Actionable SEO Advice And Blogging Tips.

#33 Ranked SEO Hero: – Are You Ready for the SEO Hero Encounter? is a famous name that provided top-notch website creating stages to more than 90 million clients around the world. The organization recently declared a challenge known as the SEO Hero Challenge.

#34 SEO Hero Rank: – SEO Hero Lab Search Engine Optimization gurus looking to dominate, win the heroic WIX SEO challenge of ranking highly in Google in New York internet Contest. [The] website is built for the sole purpose of ranking highly in Google for the Search term “SEO Hero.”

#35 SEO Hero Ranked: – We have started Leading SEO Hero as an initiative to show our presence in the prestigious SEO Hero challenge by WIX. Let’s win this competition. Great website design!

#36 Ranking SEO Hero: – All you need to know about the most exciting SEO contest ever organised. $50,000 for the Winner! Join to beat Proffessor F! SEO Hero Contest xyz claims their website experienced, “some noob “blast” negative SEO,” and “[someone is] trying to hack competitor’s websites, especially if you are using a WordPress, which is the case of [their] website. HQ is glad to see their website recovered and seems be able to maintain ranking in the top 50! Heroes do not hack other heroes!

#37 Ranked SEO Hero: – SEO Hero Challenge Featuring Search Engine Optimization Heroics from Penrod is the not so secret diary of TJ from

#38 SEO Hero Ranking: – SEO HERO Get ahead of your competition. The new powerful tools in SEO are on SEO Hero. Start Being a Super Hero.

#39 SEO Hero Ranked: – Hey WIX! Want to know who the real SEO Hero is? Let [] show you. Wix are running a competition and they’re challenging people to beat them at SEO (search engine optimisation for those who don’t know).

#40 Ranked SEO Hero: – SEO Heroes your Superman when it comes to beating the competition to dominate the world wide Google search engine optimization gurus Challenge to beat WIX.

#41 SEO Hero Ranking: – SEO Heroku asks, “What [is] needed to be done to be called an SEO hero? Should you be one of the Google top contributors? Should you be in the industry for a long time?” Great website design and fantastic hero storyline!

#42 Ranked SEO Hero: – SEO Hero Center is an entrant into the Wix SEO Hero competition. The site is maintained by Dan Taylor, a UK SEO Account Manager and Consultant. Being an every day SEO hero isn’t easy.

SEO Hero Center’s Superman picture happens to be one of my favorite images from childhood! Superman and Lois Lane at the Hero's Fortress
#43 SEO Hero Ranking: – SEO Hero Rocks is a website born to literally Rock on in Wix´s SEO Hero challenge. Wanna know who the real SEO Heros are? Just wait and see! SEO Hero Rocks are bunch of SEO friends who are determined to win $50,000 of Wix´s SEO Hero challenge.

#44 Ranked Hero: – The Hero SEO blog publishes professional SEO & inbound marketing insights and provides the latest news, tips, and advice on optimizing websites within search engines. This website is the contender within the ‘WIX SEO Hero’ Challenge.

#45 SEO Hero Ranked: – Welcome to Your SEO Hero Challenge latest News and updates portal. Find out who’s ranking and who’s not! On December 8th―SEO Hero 111 writes, Just a little update on the Wix SEO Hero Challenge. We’ve purchased the domain, installed WordPress and purchased SSL.”

#46 Ranking SEO Hero: – The Yoast optimized site states, “The SEO Hero, is dedicated to all of the hardworking search engine optimization (SEO) professionals out there. We’ll be adding bios and advice from the most famous SEO experts over the next few months. Please reach out to us here if you’d like to contact [them]. What is an SEO Hero? Simply put, an SEO Hero is a search engine optimization professional that is dedicated to improving the quality of search for all.”

#47 SEO Hero Ranking: – Whether you want to discover SEO or whether you wish to improve your SEO skills, The “My Seo Hero .site” article, Improve your search optimization methods, claims the article may help you. My Seo hero goes on to say, “Indeed, there are several techniques to know to complete a quality website audit.”

#48 SEO Hero Rank goes to: – I’m the SEO Hero writes, “[They’re] the site that will hopefully win the Wix SEO Hero contest. There’s really not a whole lot more to say about this SEO hero website so you might just want to go and play the video game now.” Only conflict, HQ has is… Google results think that I am the SEO Hero! See Fig. I am below.

#49 SEO Hero Ranked: – You can be the SEO Hero. Well, at least you can hire the search engine optimization hero. Come on in and tell us who your SEO superhero is. What does it take to get to the top of the SERPS? This is the ten million dollar question and the answer may just surprise you. It takes a lot of hard work.

#50 SEO Hero Ranking: – It’s time to decide whether you want to be an SEO HERO or an SEO villain. Read How to be an seo hero tips on how to rank your website ethically on Google.


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