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3.30 – Ordo Ab Chao ⚡ SEO World Champion

3/30/17 – CEO at Mrkt360 Inc. and designated SEO Hero Judge, Eran Hurvitz―officially announces the white hat world champion of the WIX SEO Hero contest!

The 4th SEO Hero might forget the ALT text!

Wix SEO Hero Contest Finale ? France Dominates!

3/9/2017 – With only 3 days left remaining in the SEO Hero contest by WIX, HQ remains in the top 6 challengers! The contest has truly been a blast, but we are looking forward to the conclusion of this hard-fought challenge. There are some powerful alliances from France and the current SEO Hero rankings reflect exactly what team work can accomplish―Congratulations on a job well done to team France!

Congratulations Team France SEO Heroes!
Congratulations Team France SEO Heroes!

HQ is very proud to announce that currently ranking in 4th position is the United States contestant beanseohero.com! Admittedly, HQ has followed the in-depth news from this awesome SEO Hero on a daily basis! Although our styles differ, we are proud to stand next to the leading USA SEO Hero contestant―Currently in 6th ranking position, our USA contestant domain: https://seoherofromzero.com!

U.S.A. SEO Heroes-The closest to New York!
U.S.A. SEO Heroes-The closest Heroes to New York!

SEO Hero

2/21/2017 – The WIX SEO Challenge has entered the end of days for all SEO Hero competitors. New search engine optimization benchmarks have been demonstrated among the top 10 SEO Heroes―Ranking for very competitive keywords far beyond the scope of SEO Hero! Headquarters has witnessed both respectful & nefarious SEO methods utilized toward competition domains during the contest. HQ spends most of their SEO energy fending off rivals’ daily attempts to blast us out of the SERPs completely―after all this is just a game!

With less than 3 weeks remaining in the contest, who will be crowned the WIX Challenge SEO Hero? What will become of SEO Hero websites after the contest is judged? Will SEO Hero domains be on a one way trip to the search engine optimization boneyard? Will there be a supercharged spike of expired and deleted “SEO Hero” domains in the near future? Probably, but not without 10,000 disillusioned final stands―Welcome to the Matrix!

Optimization Heroes Unite!

Extend the Olive Branch for Professional SEO.

Several months ago HQ extended an olive branch to the entire SEO Hero community. Our vision was to unite the competitors and welcome their contributions to the Heroes HQ blogs and forums. The ONLY content contributed from our more respectful competitors were a few one-liners and sad attempts to anchor their backlinks from our powerful competition domain.

The best heroes have been hit and pushed back in the rankings repeatedly with negative seo, DDoS attacks, and software vulnerabilities/exploits such as rogue login attempts and a adversarial symphony of thousands of 404 errors… Page does not exist; but anyone can type in a browser —> creates a page that does not exist and we didn’t create it because: dang it, “we didn’t create that page!”

SEO Professionalism

The WIX contest has brought out some of the best SEOs in the industry today. A tremendous effort was put forth by WIX’ very own official contest entry: giftedseohero.com, formerly seoheroschool.com. On one hand WIX provides this awesome challenge and the source is negatively attacked and somewhat ridiculed. Truth be told, WIX is good for SEO. Their website builder is responsible for helping to create thousands of successful business owners, media companies, and bloggers utilizing the WIX platform.

SEO Hero competitors, your best search engine optimization contributions are self-created profiles and spun press releases/pure spam? Successful SEO can not possibly be measured by a four month contest. In a World of give and take, it seems anywhere “the take” is available, there won’t be any give given anytime soon. Successful websites can be created on any platform including WP, WIX, vBulletin, Drupal, and even straight up, good ole’ HTML coded sites with zero CMS platform integration.

Professional SEO, as with any marketing model, is all about longevity and this privilege is accomplished by networking, co-productions, and sharing/bridging/uniting of digital assets which in turn provide a better and broader user experience for all Internet consumers. Professional SEO is not shady tactics and spamming to the hills! What kind of SEO Hero do you wan’t to be?

SEO Hero Releases Emergency Alert Broadcast! 2/7/2017

SEO Hero HQ Released an emergency alert broadcast on 2/7/2017. With 33 days remaining in the Official WIX.com SEO Hero Challenge, time is running out for SEO Hero HQ―and we need your help! If you’re a Superhero SEO, connect your blog to HQ and save the day! Remember, HQ was created for you the SEO Hero and SEO Heroes to be!

What is the Wix SEO Hero Contest?

The Wix SEO Hero Contest is a competition that will determine the highest ranked search engine optimization Hero out of thousands of competing SEO Hero domains. There can only be one Wix hero and the stakes are high—$50,000. Wix released their very own hero website for the challenge, SEO Hero School for Gifted Optimizers. So far in the competition, Wix’s Professor F and his uncanny school of penguins are trailing SEO Hero Headquarters! But… Did SEO Hero enter the Matrix in time to defeat Wix forever?

Wix’s SEO Hero Challenge vs. SEO Hero HQ

Wix has thrown down the gauntlet for SEO champions to take their “SEO hero” challenge. SEO HERO from zero is dedicated to this white hat challenge. This site was created for the soul purpose of documenting our journey upward to the winning circle. SEO Hero HQ will illuminate our seo heroism from our works. Our first choice hero goes to Ahrefs.com, a true “all seeing eye” when it comes to competitive analysis. Ahrefs tools target, and allow for acquisition of the holy grail top organic SERP positions.

A close contender for SEO Hero HQ’s “seo hero” choice goes out to all the developers of WordPress.org, truly an intuitive work of art. If you can dream it, WordPress has probably already created it. It takes more than heroes to get to number one in Google! Many tools will be implemented with an array of complex coding, MySQL database creation & management, SSL encryption, White Hat link building, social media networking, dynamic user content creation & feedback forums. Heroes HQ will give our best college try to create the most useful, interactive SEO Hero!

First 96 hours of SEO Hero HQ  from zero

The SEO Hero video features HQ’s participation announcement in the $50,000 Wix SEO Hero contest.

The main section of seo hero from zero features the first 96 hours of site creation, our thoughts, and tips for other webmasters to garner success for the seo hero wix challenge. Seo hero from zero discusses some of the platforms, development tools, and competitive research utilities utilized. Most importantly, unique and useful content creation amplified by our emerging World’s open source super heroes. Good luck to all seo hero challengers! Visit Wix’s official $50,000 seo hero contest rules from Wix challenge rules.

SEO Hero Challenge – Day 1

SEO Hero from zero, zilch. We all have to start somewhere! Up, Up and AWAY! Here’s to the Wix SEO Hero organic Google top position challenge!

SEO HERO from zero is about a week behind some of the webmasters, but we’re not sweating it! We spent most of the day researching new domains that were not previously expired, or in existence before the seo hero contest. This was a daunting task as many webmasters launched a full assault worldwide, registering anything and everything associated with the seo hero scenario. Now, on this day we have seoherofromzero.com as we like to call it what it is.

Website design for SEO HERO from (zero-zilch) is not taken lightly. We are on the verge of 2017, just months away from final hero contest judgement. We knew WordPress and Vbulletin platforms would not let us down, enabling the creation of thousands of relevant seo hero content pages. A fresh install of both applications provided the basement for seo hero from zero. It wasn’t long and we were editing code and customizing functional layouts. With our users in mind, we opted for a SSL security certificate.

SSL encryption is vital to keep data private that may be transmitted between HQ’s server to you the viewer. Google has now included SSL encryption as one of many ranking factors computed into their complex algorithm. The SEO-HERO video overlay featured as our theme is a handy WP plugin by Team Punch. The video theme is a HTML5 video embedded with interactive user features and houses ample room for links with tastefully chosen hex colors. Video overlay also provides valuable architectural links to HQ’s content features such as our SEO Hero Forums.

SEO Hero HQ gets Social – Day 2

SEO Heroes social network signals, social engagement & branding by Wix challenger SEO Hero from zero! It’s as good as Bob Loblaw Law Blog!

As the design and architecture of seo hero from zero comes together we have begun creating social accounts to highlight HQ’s branding. In this category we nominate YouTube.com as seo hero from zero’s hero! Social networks such as Google+, FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube are all playing an increasing roll in web development opportunities. Often, webmasters do not harness the power of these social networks correctly.

There are some serious seo benefits that can only come to fruition through these social networks. SEO hero from zero will have to limit its’ empire building due to the seo hero’s contest time constraints. Nonetheless, follow Zero to Hero SEO’s posts for some tips in building social network content and links that matter to viewers and SERP rankings!

Unique & Dynamic Content for SEO Hero – Day 3

Google is hungry for unique and dynamic site content. The top search engines are always looking for the next SEO Hero trend setter. When Googling major search terms, such as “SEO Hero,” how often will a searcher come across a website that only consists of three pages?

You are all well familiar with the typical “SEO Hero” website architecture scenarios:

  • a main page
  • an about page
  • a contact page

Now imagine if the top ranking websites that you enjoy on a daily basis only consisted of three pages! You would probably be over and done with that website just as fast as you read through our SEO Hero website scenario bullet points. Just like website viewers, SERPs will also consider the three-part domain a one trick pony.

Thus far, Day 3 was the most intensive build day for HQ’s WIX SEO Hero contest initiation. vBulletin software boasts an impressive 3,400 files that required upload to seo hero from zero’s web server. Without a doubt, Forums are a labor of love and completely created for the user experience! The SEO Hero Forums are now active! We plan to network with several webmasters and trade ideas about the impending Wix SEO Hero contest’s fate.

PageSpeed Optimization & SEO Hero HQ – Day 4

Heroes HQ PageSpeed Optimization.
Heroes HQ PageSpeed Optimization.

As our SEO Hero site build and content expands, we are excited to enter the final stages of development. We now have an amazing SEO Hero W.P. & vB canvas to work with. Publishing content and sharing SEO Hero information across many networks is now possible with the snap of a keystroke. Day 4 will conclude with implementing an array of W.P. plugins that will work in symphony with multiple databases, page functions, and users browsers to enhance performance of website speed and functionality.

The main purpose of WordPress plugins for SEO Hero from zero is primarily to address issues specific to page speed such as, “leverage browser caching,” “eliminate render-blocking JavaScript & CSS in above-the-fold content,” and “Minify CSS & Java.” Addressing issues with page speed & performance directly upgrades usability, higher search rankings, SERP visibility, and conversion rates.

Page Speed Optimization Beyond Gzip & Caching

What good is a encyclopedia of a website if it takes too long to load? Well, in fact no good. Close attention to website speed is vital to keeping a website’s audience engaged, and coming back for more. If you haven’t already looked into page speed, we highly recommend considering pagespeed as a major ranking factor. When Gzip compression and resource caching are not enough, our seo hero for site speed is the well known development tool Google’s Page Speed Insights.

White Hat SEO Hero Link Building Strategies

Finally, after a long 96 hours SEO Hero from zero is ready for the scrutiny of the World Wide Web. SEO Hero from zero prefers to have a complete site before commencing final meta tag edits, and previous to initiating any WhiteHat link building strategies that may increase organic search result visibility. Building relationships between websites is by far SEO Hero from zero’s most enjoyable web development activity!

Many algorithmic factors are weighed by search engines when considering a website’s place in the SERP. SEO Hero from zero has only begun to scratch the surface of search engine optimization. Much more work will be needed to battle our way through the search rankings, but no fear SEO Hero from zero is here!

SEO Hero was created in front of a live www audience!