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  • Professionalism

    Professionalism and other search engines, such as, by Microsoft, attempt to provide valuable services to billions of clients. The backbone of each company’s business has got to be their reputation, without a positive, trusted, and authoritative brand none of these companies would stay in business very long or be very profitable (the same is true for SEO professionals). In an attempt to maximize profits and branding (to ensure client loyalty),,, and the other search engines must ensure a Safe, Productive, and Enjoyable experience with accurate results. By no means, an easy task, at all! Billions of web-pages need to be sifted through to return accurate results in as little time as possible.

    Safe is defined as: honest representation of topic and claims without malicious intent or action. Accurate is defined as: relevant, authoritative., and all the other search engines strive very hard, out of necessity, to use very strict and very high standards to determine a websites ranking so as to avoid a high ranking of poor quality or malicious websites.

    The search engines rank websites according to relevance, quality and quantity of content, authoritativeness, and by the trustworthiness--indicated by the number of quality links. The quality of the links is determined essentially the same as the quality of websites: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E.A.T) as defined in Google’s Search Quality Ranking Guidelines.

    What makes all this possible? PROFESSIONALISM!

    Professionalism: of, engaged in, or worthy of the high standards of, a profession.

    Professionalism provides a stable market, a solid foundation in which to build on, the public purchases goods where they feel safe: trustworthy business owners and operators.

    We know and the other search engines are going to be professional—market pressures demand accurate and safe results from searches. To remain in business and in demand search engines must use high standards to stay competitive.

    The Search Engine Optimization experts can tell you that their profession suffered bad publicity and a bad reputation for many years due to unprofessional tactics, strategies, methods, and poor quality-of-content, and poor trustworthiness. The integrity of the profession is the responsibility of its professionals.

    Professionalism must be adhered to by SEO Heroes everywhere if we want to change the reputation of the SEO profession from nefarious to admirable. Of course, this won’t be quickly or easily done, every system of control has its enemies--those who are always trying to cheat the system and bring it down. “What do we care, you ask?” Well, if you want less regulation and more freedom to innovate and create an objective ranking system and to make lots more money! Then, we, as SEO Heroes, can serve our own best interests by strictly adhering to only acceptable and honest methods, strategies, and tactics to optimize a websites search engine rankings. If search engine optimization professionals adhere to specific acceptable tactics, methods and practices, then the search engine industry can more accurately and safely deliver reliable results and thus be more objective in determining those results.

    It is a known fact people spend money at businesses they find trustworthy and avoid doing business with proprietors they don’t trust! What I am trying to say is that we can build a more objective system and make more money if we work honestly at ranking our websites!

    Sometimes it’s easier to take shortcuts (certainly more exciting) but if you want to create something that’s going to last you have to put in honest hard work. Sounds very cliché, but it is true!

    Keep Up the Good Work!


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    Nice information about Professionalism.


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      Thank you for the positive remark, very appreciated and I will continue to invite dialogue about this topic in the future by revisiting it. stay tuned.


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        Ah this is the best one about professionalism thank you for your info.


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          Thank you very much. Great information..


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            Great to know thanks for sharing it.


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