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Search Console data not updating, 5 days delay frozen at 1/4/17

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  • Search Console data not updating, 5 days delay frozen at 1/4/17

    Over the past couple years, Google's search console reporting data has been delayed from time to time. Typically the glitch, or data freeze is resolved within a couple days; 3 days at the most. Is Google updating their algorithm? Google seems to be eyeing the wix competition, they have even placed their own ads for their PPC services embedded in SEO Hero search results. Possibly, Google's web spam team can gain new insights about current Black Hat methods being deployed in the SEO Heroes contest?

    Today, Google confirmed on their webmaster forum that there is a delay issue, but all data is still being recorded and will be presented in it's entirety when the freeze-glitch is resolved. Professor F's Mr. Freeze froze Google's search console... Again? Let it go!

    Professor F's Mr. Freeze froze the Search Console!

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    Why these things are happening , actually why it is not working ..For these days what about the seo activities done? is it useful or not?


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      This may happen for several reasons one of that reason is the website that your submitted may be not crawled and indexed properly and the search engine may not able to collect the information so it may take some more time to crawl .


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        Thanks for sharing it.


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