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Judgement Day- I'm still alive - 3.29.17 SEO World Champion

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  • Judgement Day- I'm still alive - 3.29.17 SEO World Champion

    As stated in the rules, disqualifications have been issued and many of the black hat competitors have been disqualified by the Official WIX SEO Hero Challenge Judge. Staying far from SEO politics and down right whining, is still alive! There are literally 3 scenarios at this point and depending on which ranking results you refer to, the synopsis is as follows:

    1. - Disqualified.
    2. - Disqualified
    3. - Disqualified
    4. - ? 100's of profiles to manipulate page rank? No news about disqualification.
    5. - Disqualified
    6. - Still Alive - SEO Hero? | Some data suggests placed 6th - SEO Hero?

    The French SEOs are pissed! The #1 black hat competitor,, claimed to be disqualified for his link building strategy, but that does not account for the 100's of nefarious web attacks originating from France, and the blatant 302 hijacking of the top U.S. competitors. A self-proclaimed Canadian, Russki competitor, and professional SEO Hero informant of sorts provided the judge with information regarding black hat techniques employed by some of the top competitors including You can read Walid G's appeal to the SEO Hero judge on his blog: Similarly to Walid G, SEO Hero HQ never contacted the SEO Hero Judge during the competition to complain. However, we did spend our last month of the competition securing HQ from hundreds of attacks, many of which originating from France, and Ukraine/Russia - Go figure...

    SEO Hero World Champion
    Who will be SEO Hero?
    Only 1 more day and Judge SEO Hero will announce the victor of the challenge and crown the best White Hat SEO in the World! Who won SEO Hero? Find out tomorrow 3.30.17 when the SEO Hero Judge strikes down his gavel! The Judge is the only one who knows who the true winner is! Know this, HQ is still alive!

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