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Top ranking developments made by Google in 2017

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  • Top ranking developments made by Google in 2017

    Google is undoubtedly the world’s best search engine and in the quest of maintaining its credibility and user interest, it has continued to bring improvements and developments in regard to the search engine. It is indeed true that every single move that Google takes directly influences the overall shape of search engines results and the way websites are ranked. Let us now have look on the most recent developments being made by Google as a result of improvements and changes to its search engine.

    Sitelinks design to carousel format
    After several years of testing, Google has now officially announced introducing a new format for showing site-links in its search results. Google has recently introduced carousel format for showing site-links in mobile search results.

    Introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages
    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a newer term that has gained huge momentum in the year 2017. AMP is basically open source platform that exclusively enables websites to show a more mobile friendly web results with accelerated web browsing speeds. According to the majority of leading companies for SEO service Singapore and many other countries that AMP has shown significantly improved mobile web browsing as expected.

    Auto-play videos in Search results
    Integrating auto-play video previews feature in the video search results is another new development introduced by Google. Officials from Google have recently confirmed and announced that they have started testing auto-playing option for video search results and will make it permanent once all of the performance preferences reach up to the mark.

    Dropping the Google Instant Search
    In the quest of bringing well-structured and inline search results for the global mobile users, Google has finally decided to drop its instant search feature for mobile devices. Launched back in 2010, Google Instant Search Results was considered to be a revolution in the search trends, as stated by expert professionals offering top SEO companies in California. But now it seems like Google has changed its preference due to the fact that represents growing number of mobile web users.

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