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  • The Wix Challenge

    Wix is drawing a lot of attention to their website building platform with this contest, but aren't they taking a great risk. What if the winning website isn't developed by Wix's software? What if someone using WordPress or some other software outdoes them in the Google search on the 16th of March. Wouldn't that be devastating to their software's reputation? How would they ever recover. I suspect for Wix this is not the way they hoped their contest would go we have already seen them linking there entry site seoheroschool to their Wix homepage and the purchasing of a few add and the rumor that Wix has a Super Bowl campaign in the works. Not all very sportsmanlike as this gives them an extremely unfair advantage in their own contest.

    All to be expected though and unless Wix can also pull a rabbit out of their hat I do believe this isn't going to end as well as they hoped there are a good deal of competitors ranking very close to wix and they do not have the established authoritative assets Wix is able to leverage. I think Wix may have bit off more than they can chew and may have to resort to unscrupulous methods and tactics to win their own contest. If this ends up being the case then Wix's contest will have only served them as bad publicity and negative branding promotion. Anyone trying to promote their product as the best and most easy to use should run a campaign for feed back from the community at large on how to improve its product before issuing a challenge worth $50000 which if it fails could ruin their reputation!

    Good Luck Wix we will be watching you closely.
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