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Patrick Stox and WIX are the best SEO Hero

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  • Patrick Stox and WIX are the best SEO Hero

    Birds of a feather flock together and there are no exceptions in the WIX SEO Hero contest! Is WIX good for SEO? The WIX platform is a website-builder. The website builder is limited primarily to design-based applications that does not support content management systems like other available software such as WordPress and vBulletin CMS. Patrick Stox (, creator of the HTML/notepad.html simplicity of is BackLinkedIn and has been ranking #1 in the WIX SEO Hero contest since day 1!

    Here are some facts and a challenge within a challenge:
    • WP can be coded and displayed identically to anything the platform can produce to a tee.
    • The platform can not be coded and functionally displayed as a CMS style site such as Drupal, Joomla, Radiant etc.. WIX does not support CMS.
    • WIX is the best platform for the SEO Hero Contest?
    • Is Patrick Stox the best SEO Hero?
    Yes, WIX would have been the best platform to build your SEO Hero websites. SEO is all about related-connections and backlinks that improve SERP visibility. For example, perched and anchored from the starting line, Patrick Stox, creator of and the contest website, is currently dominating the SEO Hero rankings.

    Search Engine Roundtable - - Patrick Stox's Powerful SEO Hero backlink

    S.E. Roundtable Embedded Tweets pass do follow link juice to SEO Hero? 👆 YES!!!

    When the tweet is embedded and java script coded to open target (the link) the host website passes link juice―If created in this deliberate manner and coded without the nofollow attribute. Search Engine Roundtable, was created by the well known SEO Hero, Barry Schwartz.

    Search Engine Roundtable and his other creation, Search Engine Land, are the current top dogs for everything SEO and unquestionably dominate the SERPS. S.E. Roundtable could spontaneously sneeze the keyword SEO Hero out and rank first—and, they did.

    Search Engine Roundtable is currently the 3rd organic result for the search term SEO Hero. On occasion, SE roundtable has been the #1 organic search result for SEO Hero. The image above embedded in is JavaScript coded to follow the target links:
    Ahrefs backlink profile check does not provide any backlink data for the URL, but we can examine the other "target link,"

    Dofollow backlink from seroundtable to beanseohero

    Since the onset of the WIX SEO competition, has displayed dofollow backlinks to Patrick Stox's Twitter status. SE Roundtable also holds one of the most powerful backlinks in the entire game ---> --->

    WIX is the best platform for SEO Hero

    A recent game changer has been played by the website builder platform WIX. WIX, the contest sponsor have now added dofollow backlinks from their blog's press releases to a couple of the competing SEO Heroes. The press release from has "SEO Hero" anchor text pointing to their contest entry and has now added direct anchor text backlinks to: dofollow backlink to

    The above image is a screenshot of with dofollow backlinks highlighted in blue.

    Highest Ranking WIX SEO Heroes are BackLinkedIn like a Mutha-F@%$%#!

    From the scenarios presented above there seems to be some strong connections between,,,, and SEO Hero HQ has not made any predictions about who will be the SEO Hero, but with the powerful backlinks demonstrated in this post, a clear advantage is potentially boosting some SEO Heroes to the top of the rankings. These connections bring up an elephant in the room―Who benefits?

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together & Back on the Train - HQ

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