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Continued from: Who's Winning? Wix plays the home-field advantage

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  • Continued from: Who's Winning? Wix plays the home-field advantage

    Continued from: Who's Winning? Wix plays their home-field advantage for seo hero. As we wrote about on the SEO Hero HQ blog, recently released a new blog post about their SEO Hero challenge submission website. The Wix post includes 8 backlinks to the seoheroschool website directly from, according to MOZ, the "93 Domain Authority" blog.

    Is this cheating, or against Google Guidelines? SEO Hero HQ does not think so, but we're not the Judge!

    Referring Domains for on Ahrefs

    Heroes, what's your opinions? Are we done for? Where does the line get drawn? Surely the SEO Hero School could just keep creating links from and fly on Wix's coattails all the way to the winner's circle!

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    I thought about this, and no I don't think its cheating as such but if the point was to prove Wix is an seo friendly platform, they just proved it isn't otherwise they wouldn't have linked, now if all Wix sites came with 8 blog links then they could argue they are seo friendly


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      I have had a suspicion from the start of this contest this wasn't going to be an entirely fair and honest competition!

      It seems the villains (seoheroschool) had a trick up their sleeves--creating links from's blog pointing at for incredible ranking juice (who knows if they do this again, hmmm?), we should have known or at least suspected this would be the case. When has a villain been completely upfront and honest? They always have a hidden advantage before they issue a challenge to the heroes!

      Well Heroes, we've seen this predictable behavior before from our rivals, (speaking in general about villains). Now, as usual, the odds are against us heroes and we have to pick ourselves up and try, try ,try harder to defeat our arch-nemesis.

      SEO Heroes fight back with a vengeance!!

      In the end we may need a collaboration of heroes of sorts to put an end to this reign of terror seoheroschool has unleashed. But remember super-villains find a way to comeback after what seems like sure defeat, be vigilant and diligent about your efforts to defeat seoheroschool and the evil professor F. Up, Up and Away!


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