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  • SEO Hero School's Google Ads - PPC Heroes in HQ News

    Heroes have you heard the latest challenge news? Does not get the contest rules completely? The competition is for the organic seo hero top position, PPC doesn't count... All joking aside, maybe Wix could host a PPC (pay-per-click) contest next time for the most money spent by a PPC hero to get anyone to your site, but all ads must be in line with Google Guidelines (o.k. still joking)!

    Surprisingly, PPC ads do not seem to appear in "seo hero" search results for anything higher than page 2! What is Professor F's SEO angle? Is website traffic a Google ranking factor? Do Google's PPC ads pass backlink juice with tasty anchor text? Any heroes ever had a website that utilized Google PPC ads for a particular keyword and had a more difficult time organically ranking that keyword after PPC implementation? Who knows, yes, no, yes. Ah yes, a little more detail HQ!

    Website traffic is a indirect ranking factor. An easy way to establish this fact is to look at a couple main characteristics of all super authority domains:
    • Lots of traffic and interaction.
    • Several high authority & related domain backlinks
    • Are at least 2 years old
    Staying inline with Google Webmaster Guidelines, the Hero School can potentially recreate 2 of these phenomenon (traffic and high authority−related backlinks). Will the School's PPC campaign help them/us get the word/buzz out? Are they only advertising for the term, "SEO Hero?" It is odd that even well known SEO agencies such as 180fusion's PPC ad is only showing up in page 2 results; we haven't checked the cost per click stats for seo hero, but with such a low search volume you'd think it would be pennies for page 1.

    What lurks at the bottom of page 2 Google search results for SEO Hero?

    In hero news, SEO Hero School's Google PPC ads

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    SEO Hero? Who are you Terry Kyle?

    Majestic Business Profile page for Terry Kyle - SEO Hero (organic result): Terry Kyle, what can we say... Terry started his journey with the keyword SEO Hero long before the competition was a twinkle in Wix's eye. He's got a great site and he's done a fine job hanging on to his digital assets:,, and HQ had a look down-under his site and the Australian entrepreneur, Terry Kyle has some really awesome website designs and great educational resources for SEO techniques with a focus on off page optimizations. After the competition is over, HQ (and many other heroes) should vow to create some do-follow link backs to Terry Kyle and help ensure an enduring placement in Google's SEO Hero.

    What Keywords and Messages are the SEO Hero PPC Ads Vying for?

    Ad #1: SEO Service Starting at $200 - SEO with Blogs, PRs, Videos & Infographics:'s PPC ad states "fast service, a 100% money back guarantee, free SEO analysis, no results-no payment, dedicated account manager, and SEO dashboard." After having a look at the site, searchberg's PPC content closely correlates to what's being presented on searchberg website. However, the website seems to be focused on reputation management, branding, and social media management.

    Ad #2: Professor F's Wix SEO Hero School - Official Wix Competition Entry: Check Wix's Official Entry in the WIx SEO Hero Competition. Services: App Market, SEO Wizard, Mailboxes, Blog, Online Stores. Free Hosting, Customize Easily, Professional Website, Online Store Builder, Free Website Builder, Pimpin' for Wix since 16'!

    Pimping for Wix ain't easy!

    Pimpin' Ain't Easy

    Ad #3: Award-Winning SEO Service - #1 SEO Marketing Service: 180fusion's PPC ad's focus seems to be on keyword ranking, branding, PPC, customer trust, and contact: Inc 500 Ranked, 100% Guaranteed Results, Free No Obligation Consult. The PPC ad goes on to state, 180fusion is #1 Local SEO - Industry Experts - Rated #1 in SEO Clutch. 180fusion provides links to case studies, Testimonials, Guaranteed Results, and PPC Marketing. Not surprised to see this PPC ad in the mix, these guys are everywhere SEO and keyword ranking ads appear!

    Will the SEO Hero PPC ad delay Professor F's SEO Hero School's organic attempts at ranking "SEO Hero?" Worse yet, will the SEO Hero PPC ad completely squash F's School's efforts at organically ranking their website for SEO Hero? We've noticed there may actually be some corresponding coincidences exhibiting a increased difficulty attempting to rank keywords that have had some sort of Google PPC ad history. Direct, and tailored-specific web traffic would probably be more pimpin. Now, Google got to be paid! Shakes head @ SEO Hero School...
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