SEO Hero Competitor Videos

Video social network platforms are amongst the leading methods to appropriate a website’s content to an “off page” audience. Frequently, digital marketing videos are poorly executed without a theme, purpose, or artistic style. The videos are intelligibly thrown together to benefit the author by means of a backlink.

More often than not, video links shared on these authoritative social networks coincide with a “no follow” rel link. The SEO Hero team was astounded at the majority of YouTube videos featured below that do not include an associated website, end screen elements, or annotations. Undoubtedly there are some webmasters in need of Professor Wix’s School of SEO!

SEO Heroes HQ’s Featured Video – New Release – HQ Emergency Alert Broadcast

SEO Heroes HQ Emergency Alert Broadcast

2/8/2017 – With only 33 days left remaining in the WIX SEO Hero Contest, Heroes HQ has been seriously trolled and slipped from a 2nd place rank to invisibility in the Google SERP (not the superpower we were looking for)! In the preceding Emergency Alert Broadcast Video, HQ’s encrypted message explains that the only way to save Headquarters and defeat WIX is to connect to HQ from your Hero blogs! SEO Heroes Unite!

WIX Releases 1st Official SEO Hero YouTube Video

WIX releases their very own official SEO Hero video and it’s a super production! The WIX animated video features the villain, Apocalinks. Originally, Apocalinks was a villain created by the SEO Hero School which is now rebranded as Gifted SEO Hero. Apocalinks breaks all the links in the world triggering a devastating tsunami of 404 errors. If the villain is not stopped, everything will be disconnected!

The SEO Heroes are directed by Professor Fishkin to find Matt Cutts for guidance on how to save the World from the dreaded 404 errors! Problem is “Matt” hasn’t been seen in years! The SEO Heroes easily locate Matt Cutts through a local search and Matt is levitating in a Buddhist Temple with lots of cats scurrying about. It is a hilarious fact that Matt Cutts is really into cats and he often would include whimsical cat references in his public speaking.

Matt Cutts gives the SEO Heroes a cryptic message derived from his intense meditation―expressing his SEO Third Eye insights! Levitating, Matt chants, “search the organic resort within yourself, optimize your Chakra―all you have to do is search around!” Maybe the heroes local search brought up Hero HQ’s SEO Relaxation Temple? Certainly one can discover their Chakra and learn to levitate at HQ’s SEO Relaxation Temple! Please let Matt know cats are allowed!

January’s Featured Video – The Story of SEO Hero

Who is SEO Hero? Watch the SEO Hero Story above to learn more about SEO Hero’s past and the heroes spectacular future’s destiny that will unleash his super SEO powers vs his nemesis Professor F… Twenty-two years in the future! SEO Hero was known only as Boy Wonder in 1995—Coincidentally, the same year was created. Search Engine Optimization did not even exist yet!

Boy Wonder learns of his destiny to become SEO Hero from an all seeing eye that appeared to Boy Wonder at a mystical rock concert. SEO Hero must learn how to foil Wix’s plans to take over the World Wide Web in 2017! But… First, he must travel back in time to 1969, to learn how to harness his future Internet powers to take on the Wix Headquarters. There could only be ONE SEO Hero that is powerful enough to teach Boy Wonder SEO-Kung-Fu moves powerful enough to destroy Wix’s Death Star! Who is that Hero?